What does Serebro mean in Russian?

What does Serebro mean in Russian?

Serebro (Russian: Серебро, IPA: [sʲɪrʲɪˈbro] (listen), lit. ‘Silver’; stylized as SEREBRO) is a Russian girl group formed by their manager and producer Maxim Fadeev. The group currently consists of members Elizaveta Kornilova, Marianna Kochurova and Irina Titova.

What was Serebro’s first Russian single?

Soon after the Eurovision contest, Serebro released ” Song #1 ” as a single CD, which contained 13 different versions of “Song #1” marked by colours, as well as an extended version of the video. The girls then released a Russian version of “Song #1″, called ” Песня #1 “. It was Serebro’s first Russian single.

What was Serebro’s third single?

At the RMA awards in early October 2007, Serebro performed a new song titled “What’s Your Problem?”, which was then rumored to be the third single from the then-forthcoming studio album, but this was denied in reports.

What is Serebro’s new song called?

On 25 August Serebro announced a new single called “Serdtse patsanki” (Tomboy’s Heart), which is a soundtrack for the movie PATSANKI, and on 5 September 2016, Serebro premiered the full version of the song.

What is the Serebro music video for let’s hold hands?

In the music video for ” Ne Vremya “, the band members dance erotically and one of them is shown licking a microphone. In the music video for ” Let’s Hold Hands “, the band members are shot nude in a white room, creating provocative imagery. The music video is on the official Serebro YouTube channel.

What happened to Lizorkina Serebro?

Serebro was then officially signed to Fadeev’s record label Monolit Records, and in 2012, the group had additional releases produced by Sony Music Entertainment and Ego Music. In 2009, Lizorkina announced her departure from the group; she was subsequently replaced by Anastasia Karpova.

When did Serebro start?

In early 2007, producer Maxim Fadeev began preparing a concept for a new band titled Serebro. The concept began as a proposal for Channel One Russia for a new Russian entry into the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.