What does SRA stand for Goodyear?

What does SRA stand for Goodyear?

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tire Reviews

Consumer Tire Performance Survey based on 303 customer reviews
8.2 8.0
8.3 8.4
8.2 8.2
7.8 8.0

How long do Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires last?

In terms of treadlife, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A isn’t the best highway tire out there. Owners report the tread lasting for around 40,000-miles on LT-metric sizes, and only slightly longer on P-metric sizes. Some competitors, such as the Michelin Defender LTX, last for over 15,000-miles to 20,000-miles longer.

What kind of tire is a Goodyear SRA?

The Wrangler SR-A is Goodyear’s Highway All-Season tire developed for the drivers of pickup trucks, crossovers and sport utility vehicles. Extensively used as Original Equipment on a wide range of popular light trucks, the Wrangler SR-A is available in a comprehensive range of 15″ through 20″ rim diameter sizes.

What is SR-A?

12, 2019 by Tire Reviews And More. The Goodyear Wrangler SR-A all-season highway tire is mainly used for original equipment on a wide variety of new pickup trucks. However, it is also a popular replacement model for drivers of SUV’s and crossovers as well.

Where are Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires made?

Very quiet and comfortable ride. Warrantied to last 50K miles which is unlikely, but you will get a discount on a new set when it wears out prematurely. I really like this tire and it is made in USA as well which is a plus. Great price on Amazon as well.

How many ply are Goodyear Wrangler SR-A?

10 Ply
Goodyear Wrangler SR-A, 265/60R20, 121/118S, E (10 Ply)

What does SR mean on tires?

The available codes were SR (180 km/h, 112 mph), HR (210 km/h, 130 mph), VR (in excess of 210 km/h, 130 mph). Tires with a speed rating higher than 300 km/h (186 mph) are indicated by a Y in parentheses.

Where are Goodyear Wrangler SR A tires made?

How many ply is Goodyear Wrangler SR-A?

How many ply is Goodyear Wrangler SR A?

What does SR on a tire mean?

What is an SR tire?