What does SSC mean on Canon lens?

What does SSC mean on Canon lens?

Super Spectra Coating
Nicknamed ‘chrome nose’ lenses, these used two new proprietary lens coatings, designated “S.C.” (Spectra Coating) and “S.S.C.” (Super Spectra Coating), but neither coating was signified on the front of the lens. These were both multi-coatings, but indicated two quality grades.

Are Canon FD lenses any good?

They are currently one of the most affordable high-quality lens systems on the market. Users can easily change between auto or manual focus for different types of shots and subjects. Canon FD Lenses give photographers access to a wide variety of focal lengths, from ultra-wide angles to long telephoto.

What is a 24mm used for?

For landscapes, a 24mm lens is an extremely popular choice for capturing those wide, epic scenes of city skylines or mountain ranges. 24mm allows you to play with your foreground and at the same time still get an epic view into the distance. So if mountain vistas or waterfalls are your things, 24mm could be for you.

What is Canon 24mm lens good for?

The Canon EF-s 24mm f/2.8 STM is a tiny and super-sharp normal to wide lens for Canon’s APS-C cameras. It makes an excellent replacement for any 18-55mm zoom, saving size and weight and adding a fast f/2.8 speed for use in dim light and making your viewfinder brighter….

f/2.8 f/4
f/5.6 f/8

Is Canon 24mm a macro lens?

Macro. The Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM usefully doubles up as a macro lens, with the close-focus point 16cm/0.52ft from the film/sensor plane, and Canon quotes a maximum reproduction ratio of 0.27x.

What is SSC FD?

S.S.C. means “Super Spectra Coating” and is/was Canon’s designation for multi-coated lenses at one point in the history of the FD series. Later (about the time they went from the original twist-ring FD bayonet to the “New FD” mount, they dropped the SSC designator because ALL of their lenses were multicoated.

What is Canon FD SC vs SSC?

silverfishla. Okay, the SC lens stands for Spectra Coating. The SSC stands for Super Spectra Coating. specify any coating.

Is Canon FD full frame?

Full-Frame — Canon FD lenses were designed for full-size 35mm film coverage, so you don’t have to worry about vignetting on the a7S II’s full-frame sensor. Wide Selection — Canon FD lenses were produced for over 20 years, giving you an extensive catalog of lenses to choose from.

Are FD lenses sharp?

That’s easy – the FD 200mm f1. 8L. It’s optical construction is identical to the EF 200mm f1. 8L, which is considered one of the sharpest (if not the sharpest) lenses ever made for any 35mm camera system.

Is 24mm good for portraits?

Creating portraits using wide angle lenses can enhance perspective, but also distort proportions. If you capture the same portrait with a 24mm lens and a 50mm lens, the image from the 24mm will slightly distort your subject in the frame–especially around the edges.