What does the Canterbury Tales show about medieval society?

What does the Canterbury Tales show about medieval society?

Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” is a microcosm of this society because it demonstrates the social divisions known as the Estates, it illustrates the growth of the middle class and the decline of the feudal system, and it shows the corruption and power of the Church, and it embodies most aspects of the Middle Age.

Why does the Knight’s wife transform into a beautiful woman?

*Says women can’t hold secrets. *Turns into a beautiful, young, FAITHFUL woman because the knight gave her the opportunity to choose herself.

How does the Canterbury Tales reflect the concerns of its time period?

Not only does Canterbury Tales reflect how society’s roles were changing within the elite, but also the ideas regarding religion during the fourteenth century. Canterbury Tales is about a pilgrimage, which in and of itself addresses the importance of religion to England’s society during this time.

Who is the Wife of Bath’s character?

The Wife of Bath comes from the town of Bath, which is on the Avon River. She is a seamstress by trade but a professional wife by occupation: she has been married five times and presents herself as the world’s expert in matters of marriage and the relations between men and women.

How is Canterbury Tales relevant today?

Geoffrey Chaucer re-examines the stereotypes and roles in society in the 1300’s in the collection of stories, The Canterbury Tales. Therefore, The Canterbury Tales should still be read and studied because it relates to problems and issues in today’s society.

What does the wife of Bath’s gapped teeth suggest?

In the “General Prologue,” Chaucer’s description involves her physical appearance describing her clothes, legs, feet, hips, and most importantly her gap-tooth, which during that time (according to The Wife), symbolized sensuality and lust. The ironic part is when Chaucer adds that she has a gap between her teeth.

What is the condition for the knight to live?

What is the condition for the knight to live? He must return in a year with a rare flower guarded by a dragon. He must return in a year with 100 soldiers to fight in a tournament.

What message is Chaucer giving us with this story?

His basic message is that he met up with lots of people all going to the same place–which happens in April since that’s when they get “pilgrimmage fever”–and they have decided to play a game of story telling on the way for entertainment.

What did the woman ask of the knight in return for saving his life?

What did the woman ask of the knight in return for saving his life? She asked him to marry her.

What seems to be the wife of Bath’s attitude toward the importance of physical beauty?

What seems to be the Wife of Bath’s attitude toward the importance of physical beauty? She had low self-esteem and did not care too much about her own beauty. She believed all knights were beautiful. She believed that beauty could grow out of accepting people for who they are.

What is the knight’s answer to the Queen?

The knight and the old woman travel together to the court, where, in front of a large audience, the knight tells the queen the answer with which the old woman supplied him: what women most desire is to be in charge of their husbands and lovers.

Why do you think the queen spared the knight’s head?

The queen handled the knights punishment by not taking his head and giving him a chance to save his life. In order to stay alive the queen ordered the knight to find the answer to ” What is it that women desire the most ? “.

What choices does the Knight’s wife give him?

In the end, because the knight gives the old woman power, she gives it back to him and they live happily ever after. What choice does the knight’s wife give him? She says he can choose to have her old, ugly, but loyal until she dies or he can have her young and pretty and take his chances on her loyalty.

What does the Canterbury tales teach us?

Some of the lessons are love conquers all, lust only gets you in trouble, religion and morality is virtuous, and honor and honesty is valued. Although there are some contradictory stories, Chaucer kept to this set of morals through most of his tales.

What is the Knight’s response to the old woman?

What is the Knight’s response? SHE DEMANDS FOR HIM TO MARRY HER. HE IS UPSET AND SAYS SHE IS: Old, ugly, poor or Low Born.

What is the question the knight must answer?

What is the question for which he must find an answer? The knight must complete a challenge where he must find what women most want in the world.

What are the 3 rioters looking for?


According to the Pardoner’s Tale, why are the three rioters looking for death? They want to kill him
What does the old man tell the three rioters? He tells them that they’ll find Death under a nearby tree
How do the three rioters treat the old man? They treat him roughly and scornfully

Do you view the Pardoner as hypocritical or honest?

Hover for more information. The Pardoner in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is honest to his immediate listeners (the other travelers), and dishonest and hypocritical to his usual listeners (the people he usually preaches to when he makes his money).

Who said put me in your wise governance?

The knight may not be very likable, and he may not be a very good knight, but he’s teachable. By the end of the tale, he gives up his power to his wife completely and graciously says, “I put me in your wise governance” (1237).

How long does the knight have to find an answer?

English 12 – Canterbury Tales – The Wife of Bath’s Tale

How long does the Knight have to find the answer to the Queen’s question? 1 year and a day
Power & fellowship, money, clothes, jewelery, pleasure five things that people say women want
What deformity does King Midas have? ass’ ears