What does the unity candle stand for?

What does the unity candle stand for?

The unity candle ceremony is a common ritual in both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies. It represents two people (and families) becoming one. They then extinguish the taper candles to symbolize the united flame is stronger than the individual flames.

What religion uses unity candles?

Christian faith
In the Christian faith, the Unity Candle is a tradition that many couples begin at their wedding ceremony. Traditionally, three candles are displayed: one that represents the bride, one that represents the groom, and one that represents their covenant marriage.

Can you use vinyl labels on candles?

Customize candle jars with permanent or removable vinyl (then you can change your candle decor for every season or whim!) You can also even add the adhesive vinyl right onto a candle itself (only if you plan to use it as a decoration though, you wouldn’t want to burn it with vinyl on it).

What do you do with unity candle after wedding?

The bride and the groom then use these flickering candles to light the center pillar candle. The three candles remain lit which signify the creation of a harmonized family and the commitment of the couple to each other for a lasting and loving marriage.

What do you say when you light a unity candle?

As you light this candle today, may the brightness of the flame shine throughout your lives. May it give you courage and reassurance in darkness, warmth and safety in the cold, and strength and joy in your bodies, minds, and spirits. May your union be forever blessed.

How do you put decorations on candles?

You can wrap strips of tissue paper around the candle and tie them in place, or tape down individual pieces to create different designs. Plan out what you want your candle to look like, then tie down or attach the paper with Scotch tape to start the decorating process.

How do you update a candle?

Whether you are re-purposing old candles or buying new ones – a little creativity can turn a simple candle into a spectacular one.

  1. Cookie Cutter Candle Stencils.
  2. Stamped Candles.
  3. Painted Candles.
  4. Swirled String Candles.
  5. Decorate with Scrapbooking Brads & Snaps.
  6. Decorate with Push Pins.
  7. Embellish With Dried Flowers.