What does the word Epigone mean?

What does the word Epigone mean?

Definition of epigone : follower, disciple also : an inferior imitator.

What is a acolyte person?

Definition of acolyte 1 : one who assists a member of the clergy in a liturgical service by performing minor duties. 2 : one who attends or assists a leader : follower The mayor dined with a few of his acolytes.

What is a Votarist?

one who follows the opinions or teachings of another. votarists of the literary critic seemed to have penetrated the English department of every university in the country.

What tradecraft means?

Definition of tradecraft : the techniques and procedures of espionage.

What does erstwhile mean?

: in the past : formerly cultures, erstwhile unknown to each other— Robert Plank. erstwhile. adjective. Definition of erstwhile (Entry 2 of 2) : former, previous erstwhile enemies.

What does a underling mean?

Definition of underling : one who is under the orders of another : subordinate, inferior.

What is a excrescence?

Definition of excrescence 1 : a projection or outgrowth especially when abnormal warty excrescences in the colon. 2 : a disfiguring, extraneous, or unwanted mark or part : blot.

What does the word backer mean?

backer. / (ˈbækə) / noun. a person who gives financial or other support. a person who bets on a competitor or contestant.

What is CIA tradecraft?

Tradecraft, within the intelligence community, refers to the techniques, methods and technologies used in modern espionage (spying) and generally, as part of the activity of intelligence assessment.

What does the name epigone mean?

epigone. Contexts. A follower or disciple. A person skilled in imitating the voice or actions of others in an entertaining way. Noun. . A follower or disciple. follower. adherent.

What does epigone mean?

epigone noun A follower or disciple. Etymology: From épigones, from epigoni, from ἐπίγονοι, plural form of ἐπίγονος, from ἐπιγίγνομαι, from ἐπί, from γίγνομαι. epigone noun An undistinguished or inferior imitator of a well known artist or their style.

What does epigonation mean?

Meaning. The epigonation represents a shield, originating from the thigh shield worn by soldiers during the days of the early church. The epigonation symbolizes two things. First, it denotes the celebrant as a “soldier” of Christ. And second, it symbolizes the “sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God” (Ephesians 6:17) – the