What does the word unruly mean in a sentence?

What does the word unruly mean in a sentence?

Unruly means lacking in restraint or not submitting to authority. An unruly person refuses to obey authority, while an unruly piece of hair might refuse to stay inside a clip. And if a cat herder had trouble corralling kittens for a parade, there would be unruly kittens everywhere!

What do you call an unruly child?

A child, typically one that is badly behaved. brat. rascal. imp. devil.

What is the synonym of the word unruly?

Some common synonyms of unruly are headstrong, intractable, recalcitrant, refractory, ungovernable, and willful.

What does ungovernability mean?

Definition of ungovernable : not capable of being governed, guided, or restrained.

What is an unruly gathering of people?

A crowd of people might gather for a party, concert, or demonstration, with the word crowd implying that there’s something a little disorderly — noisy or unruly — about the group.

What does the Latin phrase et al mean?

and others
One of these is the Latin phrase et al., an abbreviation meaning “and others.” It is used to shorten lists of author names in text citations to make repeated referencing shorter and simpler.

What is the meaning of a wild child?

singular noun. Journalists sometimes use wild child to refer to a teenage girl who enjoys herself in an uncontrolled way, for example by going to a lot of parties, drinking lots of alcohol, or having relationships with much older people.

What is a sheltered side called?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SHELTERED SIDE [lee]

What is ornery behavior?

Definition of ornery 1a : having an irritable disposition : cantankerous an ornery old man Telling her that would have been an invitation to getting my head chopped off, because she was a mean, ornery number until the day she died.—

What are some antonyms of unruly?

antonyms for unruly

  • agreeable.
  • calm.
  • cautious.
  • controllable.
  • happy.
  • manageable.
  • mild.
  • moderate.

What does it mean if something is petrified?

verb (used with object), pet·ri·fied, pet·ri·fy·ing. to convert into stone or a stony substance. to benumb or paralyze with astonishment, horror, or other strong emotion: I was petrified with fear. to make rigid or inert; harden; deaden: The tragedy in his life petrified his emotions.

What is the word undisciplined mean?

Definition of undisciplined : lacking in discipline or self-control undisciplined behavior an unruly and undisciplined child.

What is an example of unruly behavior?

– disorderly. – drunken. – fractious. – impulsive. – lawless. – ornery. – quarrelsome. – rebellious.

What does unruly and obscene behavior mean?

What does obscene behavior mean? Obscene describes something that is morally offensive in a sexual way. Certain films, books, magazines, and other forms of entertainment are considered obscene because they portray sex in a very frank way that some people find vulgar and lewd.

What distinguishes unruly behavior from delinquent behavior?

7 types of crimes

  • Video
  • Definitions of different offense levels. (4) That he has a right to consult with an attorney and that one will be appointed and paid for him if he cannot afford
  • What does unruly behavior mean?

    Hold your child accountable.

  • Choose your battles.
  • Act,don’t react.
  • Enforce age-appropriate consequences.
  • Keep your power.
  • No second chances or bargaining.
  • Always build on the positive.
  • Set regular times to talk to your child.