What episode of Running Man is BTS in?

What episode of Running Man is BTS in?

Episode 482
BTS: Running Man Episode 482.

Did BTS ever appear on Running Man?

BTS and Yoo had appeared together on an episode of the variety show “Running Man” in May 2016, but the aired segment only lasted 15 minutes, raising expectations for the energy the top celebrities will show.

What is the funniest episode of Running Man?

So when you find yourself missing him a little too much, here are some episodes you can re-watch to help tide you over:

  • Episode 68 – The start of “Easy Brothers”
  • Episode 133 – Behold, the “Asia Prince”
  • Episode 137 – No one does “silly” like Kwang Soo.
  • Episode 141 – King of the animal kingdom, the giraffe.

Will BTS go on Running Man again?

Due to so much mistreatment from variety shows, BigHit and BTS just stopped going on them. Now they have many of their own content so they wouldn’t have time and there wouldn’t be a need to go on other ones.

What year did BTS go on Running Man?


Ep. Broadcast Date (Filming Date) Guest(s)
300 May 22, 2016 (May 9, 2016) BTS
301 May 29, 2016 (May 9, 2016)
302 June 5, 2016 (May 24, 2016) Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu (Twice) Yeo Jin-goo
303 June 12, 2016 (May 31, 2016) Ahn Sung-ki Han Ye-ri Jo Jin-woong Kwon Yul

Will Lee Kwang Soo be back in Running Man?

Actor Lee Kwang-soo gets back into ‘Running Man’ groove for new variety show.

Why is BTS ending?

Run BTS is going on hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time, presumably so members and crew can sleep. BTS has been professionally “running” in the form of a “self-produced” variety show for six years and over 150 episodes, and, last week, Weverse announced the long-running series will be taking a break.