What forms of poetry is Easter Wings?

What forms of poetry is Easter Wings?

“Easter Wings” is an example of concrete or shaped poetry: it takes the visual form of what it describes. The poem was originally printed sideways, with one stanza on each page. Viewed this way, the stanzas look like open wings.

What type of sonnet is Easter Wings?

Officially known as carmen figuration or pattern/shaped/figural poetry, this type of poem-picture takes the relationship between form and content to a visual level.

Why is Easter Wings a pattern poem?

“Easter Wings” is a famous example of a genre of poetry called the pattern poem. These wings, as they narrow and grow fuller again, reinforce the meaning the poem communicates. For example, each of the two stanzas narrows at the point in the center of the stanza where the individual is furthest from God’s grace.

What is the meter of Easter Wings?

The poem is written in iambs. The first line has five meters, second line has four meters, the third one has three, then two, then the next two have one, then back to two, then three, then four then five again. This pattern is consistent for both of the stanzas.

What is a shape poem?

A shape poem, also called a concrete poem or a calligram, describes an object and is written in the shape of that object. You can create shape poems of all kinds, using objects or subjects that inspire you.

What is the subject matter of the poem Easter Wings?

“Easter Wings” is a religious meditation that focuses on the atonement of Jesus Christ. Its celebration of bodily and spiritual resurrection draws its theme from 1 Corinthians 15, and it is specially notable that the word ‘victory’ found in the Biblical text is repeated in both stanzas of the poem.

What form of poetry is Sonnet 76?

It is a good example of the English or Shakespearean sonnet (sometimes also known as the Elizabethan). This form requires that the sonnet be made up of three quatrains, or sets of four lines, and one concluding couplet, or set of two rhyming lines.

How does the shape of Easter Wings suggest the theme of the poem?

If you turn the poem sideways, you can see the shape of two pairs of wings. The Easter theme in this poem operates at two levels: The shape represents a dying or falling, then rising pattern, which is the theme of the Easter story. The top half of each stanza focuses on the problems caused by human sin.

Does shape poetry have to rhyme?

Remember: Poems don’t have to rhyme all the time, and with shape poems, you can get colorful and decorative.