What happened in the last episode of Uttaran?

What happened in the last episode of Uttaran?

January 16, 2015Uttaran / Final episode date

What is the story of Uttaran?

Tapasya meets Raghuvendra Rathore, who falls for her, but she betrays him in game of poker. He leaves her due to her disloyalty. Pregnant with his baby, she returns to Veer’s family and delivers Mukta, whom she unintentionally abandons. Veer and Ichha raise her, unaware she is Tapasya’s daughter.

Who is Yuvraj in Uttaran?

Saurabh Jain To Play Iccha’s Son Yuvraj In Uttaran – TV News.

How many episodes are there in Uttaran?

1,549Uttaran / Number of episodes

What happened to Yuvraj in Uttaran?

As seen in the earlier episodes of Colors’ Uttaran, Ichcha (Tina Dutta) put her son Yuvraj (Saurabh Raj Jain) behind the bars to save Mukta (Sreejita De). A source informed that Ichcha filed an FIR against Yuvraj as he tried to molest Mukta. But since she is his mother she will go to meet him in the jail.

Who does Mukta marry in Uttaran?

Furthermore, after a lot of discussion, Damini will agree to get Vishnu married to Mukta. Thus Meethi will decide on divorcing Vishnu after which the latter will agree on marrying Mukta.

Who marries Veer in Uttaran serial?

A little birdie from the sets informs, “Ichcha will not be getting married to Veer (Nandish Sandhu). Mausiji (Pratima Kazmi) along with Veer’s grandfather will plot a heinous plan whereby they get Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) married to Veer leaving Ichcha distressed.

What happened to Veer in Uttaran?

We hear that, ” Veer’s character will come to an end during the holi celebrations. The kidnapper, in disguise, will come to the same Holi party and will stab Veer and he will bleed to death.

Why did Tapasya leaving Uttaran?

Rashmi, who was earlier seen in the show as Tapasya, had quit the project as she was to get married to Nandish Sandhu. At the same time, the show also to took a leap. And Rashmi did not want to play a mother to somebody of her own age. Hence, she made an exit from the show.

Why did Yuvraj go to jail?

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh was arrested in Haryana for allegedly making a casteist remark about his former teammate Yuzvendra Chahal last year, PTI reported on Sunday. Singh was released on a bail bond a few hours after his arrest on Saturday, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Hansi) Vinod Shankar said.

Who is meethi in Uttaran?

Tina Dutta is one of the famous Indian bahus of our TV industry. She is popularly known for her role of Ichcha Veer Singh Bundela / Meethi Akash Chatterjee from TV show ‘Uttaran’. You may have always seen her in traditional Indian style, but in real life she is more like a fashion diva.

What is the meaning of Uttaran in English?

^ i think in this serial it implies the meaning “discarded”, used and then discarded. That is what they showed in the promos as well, that the girl top gets torn and other used things that was given to Ichcha.

What is the plot of Uttaran?

Synopsis. Uttaran follows two friends from different socio-economic backgrounds – Ichha Bharti ( Sparsh Khanchandani / Tina Datta ), a maid-servant’s daughter, and Tapasya Thakur ( Ishita Panchal / Rashami Desai ), the child of a wealthy landlord. Ichha is kind, caring and helpful, while Tapasya is spoilt, selfish and jealous.

How did Uttaran gain first position in Hindi GEC?

It was one of the show that helped Colors TV to briefly gain first position in Hindi GEC, breaking the nine-year run of Star Plus. Uttaran often held top position on the ratings charts through its first 836 episodes. In week 51 of 2008, it occupied fifth position with 3.84 TVR.

How many episodes are there in the TV series Uttaran?

Uttaran (transl. Discarded; international title: True Love) is an Indian soap opera that was broadcast on Colors TV on weeknights from 1 December 2008 to 16 January 2015. It is the third longest-running Indian television series of Colors TV with 1,549 episodes.

How many main leads are there in Uttaran?

Uttaran Season 1- follow by two sisters Tapasya and Iccha. In first season main leads are Tapasya, Iccha, Veer and Vansh. Uttaran Season 2- Follow by two sisters Mukta and Meethi.