What happened to Alessa in Silent Hill?

What happened to Alessa in Silent Hill?

Alessa is taken to a secret church hidden in the town hotel, where she is burned alive as a witch. During the ceremony, the pit of burning coals is overturned, setting the church on fire.

What does SP mean on Lisa Garland?

Specialist Practitioner
In the original Silent Hill, Lisa wears a badge on her white dress and a wraparound on her arm with “SP” on it, which is believed to stand for “Specialist Practitioner.” In Silent Hill: Origins, Lisa wears a badge with “LPN” on it, which stands for “Licensed Practical Nurse”.

Is Alessa evil in Silent Hill?

As the game goes on and his search continues, it is revealed to him that Alessa was part of a ritual and burned alive by her own mother in order to give birth to a God. Angry and radiating power, Alessa turns the world of Silent Hill dark and horrific while splitting her soul in half to stop the God from being born.

Is Lisa Garland Cheryl?

Like Cheryl Mason, Lisa Garland originates from the video game franchise Silent Hill, specifically Silent Hill (1999) & Silent Hill 3 (2003). She was a nurse at the Alchemilla Hospital in the titular town and responsible for treating Alessa Gillespie.

Was Alessa pregnant in Silent Hill?

After Harry defeats the unfinished god, Alessa leaves Harry her soul in the form of a new baby and they escape Silent Hill. Let’s begin by looking at Alessa. At the time of the ritual which impregnated her with the cult’s god, she was 7 years old. She splits her soul, which results in the ‘birth’ of a new baby, Cheryl.

Did Alessa give birth to Sharon?

Dark Alessa speaks of a symbolic mother/daughter connection between Alessa and Sharon, referring to Sharon as Alessa’s “child”, although it is physically impossible for Sharon to be Alessa’s literal daughter.

Is Silent Hill a true story?

The True Story & Real History of Silent Hill While the environment of Silent Hill seems as though it could only exist in nightmares, it is actually a very real place with a devastating history. The town of Silent Hill, West Virginia is actually Centralia, Pennsylvania.

How Old Is Cheryl Mason?

‘ Five years later, the two were found and attacked by a member of the Order, and Harry killed him in self-defense. In an attempt to throw the cult off, Cheryl was renamed Heather, who dyed her hair blonde and once again relocated with her father….About.

Name Heather/Cheryl Mason
Age 17
Appears in Silent Hill™ 3

Is Valtiel Pyramid Head?

In the religion of Silent Hill, Valtiel exists as one who is close to the God, and Pyramid Head takes shape of Valtiel’s reason for existence. That is to say, the Pyramid Head character was born from the townspeoples’ idolatrous ideologies. In the first game, the ceremonial robes were in homage to Valtiel.

Is Alessa still alive?

Alessa had suffered burns covering her entire body that were far beyond a fatal level, but she continued to live — that is, she was kept alive — because the malevolent deity protects its mother’s body and Dahlia cast a magical incantation on her daughter.

Who is the god in Silent Hill?

God, also known as the Creator of Paradise, Lord of Serpents and Reeds, the Holy Mother and Samael (the name of a demon given by the cult’s opponents), is the mysterious sun goddess and principal deity of the powerful resident cult known as The Order within the haunted northern American town of Silent Hill and the main …

Is Heather Mason a God?

Heather’s possible beliefs or non-beliefs are ambiguous. She appears to be very irreligious or anti-religious, possibly atheist or agnostic, saying that she doesn’t care about Claudia’s visions of “God” and “Paradise”.

Is Silent Hill just about Alessa Gillespie?

Contrary to popular belief, Silent Hill is not just about Alessa Gillespie, although she is the main focus the first game and movie. (Click HERE for an explanation of the Silent Hill movie and HERE for Silent Hill Revelation 3D.)

Who is Alessa in Silent Hill?

Alessa is the driving force of the events of the disasters of Silent Hill, West Virginia. Alessa’s pain and suffering created the Fog World and the Otherworld after she was bullied, raped, tortured and immolated due to the religion of the town.

Why does Alessa cover Silent Hill in fog?

Upon Cheryl’s return, Alessa’s latent psychic abilities are triggered and she shrouds Silent Hill in fog and an altered reality to prevent her mother’s scheme from advancing. Many of the drastic changes that befall the town in the game, such as the horrific creatures that come to inhabit it, are conjured from her imagination and delusions.

What are the two dimensions of Silent Hill?

The two dimensions of Silent Hill are reflective of the half controlling it. The fog and snow, although creepy, is significantly less threatening than the dark, industrial wasteland. Cheryl influences this world, while Alessa controls the dark, rainy nightmare. Dahlia rings the bell at Balkan Church and convinces Harry to find Alessa.