What happened to Aprica strollers?

What happened to Aprica strollers?

Graco says the Aprica stroller brand will also be discontinued. Aprica is the Japanese stroller brand bought by Graco in 2008 and relaunched in the USA as a premium umbrella stroller.

Where are Aprica strollers made?

[Made in Japan] Aprica Stroller.

What is an Aprica stroller?

Aprica is a popular Japanese brand of strollers, ergonomic baby carriers, high chairs, travel cots, and other accessories. Aprica products are simple, compact, lightweight, very comfortable and popular in Japanese as well as other world cities – even the Japanese empress owned an Aprica stroller.

Are Aprica strollers good?

It is durable and sturdy Despite Aprica stroller’s lightness, we were surprised with how sturdy and durable it was. Whenever we use it, we are amazed with how well-built and strong the parts are. The braces are flexible, it did not feel like it would yield or get damaged due to our baby’s weight.

How much is the Aprica stroller in the Philippines?

Top Aprica Price List 2022

Top 10 products Price
APRICA Optia Premium 0-36m Luxury Newborn to Toddler Stroller ₱ 38,401.00
Aprica Original Stroller (Black) ₱ 4,000.00
Aprica Preloved: Stroller – Karoon ₱ 3,200.00
APRICA Fladea STD 0m-4y Newborn to Toddler Car Seat [with ICC sticker] ₱ 27,001.00

Is Aprica a good brand?

Aprica is one of the leading names when it comes to quality strollers, seats, carriers, high chairs, and baby beds. It’s a name that generations of parents have come to trust because of its reliability, especially when traveling or even when just going out for a stroll in the mall or park.

Are Aprica strollers expensive?

The strollers, made by Aprica Kassai Inc., are bulkier than some competitors and, at $200 and up, a lot more expensive.

What country is Aprica from?


Country Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Sondrio (SO)

Is Cybex high end?

German firm Cybex is a leading manufacturer of luxury baby gear. Covering everything from carriers to car seats and pushchairs to furniture, the brand’s full range is divided into silver-, gold- and platinum-branded models. Needless to say, its Priam sits firmly in the high-end Platinum bracket.

Who makes Cybex stroller?

Goodbaby International
Cybex is a manufacturer of child safety products (child car seats, strollers, baby carriers). The company was founded in 2005 by Martin Pos in Hong Kong as CYBEX Industrial Ltd. It has been owned by the Chinese child safety manufacturer Goodbaby International since 2014.

Who owns Cybex stroller?