What happened to BibleGateway Classic?

What happened to BibleGateway Classic?

In late 2008, Zondervan (the Evangelical Christian publisher of the NIV and TNIV Bible and a wholly owned subsidiary of HarperCollins) acquired Bible Gateway from Gospel Communications. The sale of the site came after two years of continued financial difficulties on the part of the donation-driven GospelCom ministry.

What are some Bible search engines?

Pages in category “Online Scripture Search Engine”

  • BibleGateway.com.
  • Bibleserver.com.
  • Blue Letter Bible.

Is the NIV a good version of the Bible?

It is here that the NIV excels. It not only communicates the meaning of God’s revelation accurately, but does so in English that is easily understood by a wide range of English speakers. It is as well-suited for expository preaching as it is for public reading and use in Bible classes and children’s ministries.

Is BibleGateway reliable?

BibleGateway has a consumer rating of 4.08 stars from 20 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. BibleGateway ranks 1st among Bible sites.

Is Bible Gateway App Free?

can’t be topped…a delight to use,” and by The High Tech Society “astounding…the best free Bible app.” The Bible Gateway App is the free, easy-to-use, multi-purpose, multi-language, multi-version Bible app for reading, hearing, searching, studying, and sharing the Bible in the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Is there a way to read the Bible online?

Bible Gateway provides an easily accessible online resource for you to find the translation you prefer. The website also offers audio versions of the Bible, reading plans, and daily devotionals. Bible Gateway also provides Orthodox, Catholic, and multilingual Bible options.

What verses are missing in the NIV?

The sixteen omitted verses

  • (1) Matthew 17:21.
  • (2) Matthew 18:11.
  • (3) Matthew 23:14.
  • (4) Mark 7:16.
  • (5 & 6) Mark 9:44 & 9:46.
  • (7) Mark 11:26.
  • (8) Mark 15:28.
  • (9) Luke 17:36.

How to find Bible scriptures?

There is no magic formula, this antidote is freely available to all. You just need to pause, be still and discover why we celebrate Christmas, discover the reason behind this joyous season. For Christians, Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, the word made flesh, who was born at Bethlehem in the hill country of Judea.

How to look up a Bible verse?

The Holy Bible (contains both the Old and New Testament)

  • The Tanakh (Jewish Bible/old testament)
  • The New Testament (contains only the Christian books)
  • Where to find in Bible?

    What passage of scripture was most popular on the YouVersion Bible app in 2021? The Bible verse that earned the top spot as YouVersion’s 2021 Verse of the Year, reflecting the verse shared, bookmarked, and highlighted most often throughout the year

    How to search the Bible with SwordSearcher?

    Quick Bible searches.

  • Find words even when you don’t know how they are spelled.
  • More power when you want it.
  • Find words near each other.
  • Search words of Christ.
  • Reference pattern search.
  • Detailed search result statistics.
  • Strong’s number searching.
  • Passage analysis.
  • Character string search.
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