What happened to Hamish and Andy podcast?

What happened to Hamish and Andy podcast?

They will continue to produce their weekly podcast, Hamish & Andy, alongside new seasons of Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project that will be initially published exclusively on LiSTNR from 2022. Thankfully, it remains strong and a great place for us to house our podcast for people to grab on their preferred platform.

Why did Hamish and Andy stop doing radio?

The Hamish & Andy Show (Hamish and Andy) is an ongoing podcast and former Australian radio show created by and starring comedic duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. Blake and Lee announced in August 2010 that they would be cutting down to a weekly show in 2011, in order to allow them time to pursue other projects.

Did Hamish and Andy buy an island?

We purchased an Island on behalf of the people. We thought it was a dream for everyone to be able to say they own an Island. It’s no longer just for Johnny Depp, Oprah or Richard Branson…

How popular is the Hamish and Andy podcast?

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) even noted an increase in downloads of Australian podcasts by 10%, up to 3.9 million….The Hamish And Andy Podcast Has Reclaimed Its Spot At The Top.

Podcast Publisher
#1 Hamish & Andy SCA-PodcastOne Australia
#2 From The Newsroom News Corp Australia
#3 7am Schwartz Media
#4 The Kyle & Jackie O Show ARN/iHeartMedia

Are Andy Lee and Hamish Blake still friends?

For long-time fans of the duo, it’s heartwarming knowing their friendship is still so strong they want to spend time with each other in the confinements of lockdown. Andy announced the news on his Instagram by uploading a picture of himself smiling with Hamish as they hold beers.

What Bluey episode is Hamish Blake in?

Radio and TV personality Hamish Blake has once again reprised his role as ‘Jack’s Dad’ in the episode ‘Explorers’, with a line reminiscent of his campaigns for Australian tourism.

Are Hamish and Andy still friends 2021?

Who is Hamish Blake’s wife?

Zoë Foster BlakeHamish Blake / Wife (m. 2012)

Where is Hamish and Andy’s Island?

COMEDY duo Hamish and Andy have their eyes on their biggest prize yet – a speck of Queensland paradise. Iron Island off the tip of Marble Island in Queensland.

How long has Jack been with Hamish and Andy?

A young Jack Post sounded excited to be on air when he started with Hamish & Andy at the age of 20. Thirteen years later he has kept that youthful exuberance which has worked its magic again as part of the #1 Melbourne FM Christian O’Connell Show.

How many of the 100 prefer Hamish over Andy?

The results came through: 57 per cent of The Hundred said they preferred Hamish Blake to Andy, which was close enough to 50/50.

Does Jack in Bluey have ADHD?

He loves condensed milk. He is the first known character to have a disablity, as well ADHD.