What happened to John Boy in Love Hate?

What happened to John Boy in Love Hate?

The star was written out of the RTÉ show at the start of 2012 when his character, John Boy, was murdered with two shots to the head at the end of the second series, leaving his lieutenant, Nidge, to step into the vacuum.

Who shot John Boy in Love Hate?

With Darren’s assistance, Nidge eliminates John Boy and takes over. Love/Hate follows in the wake of several innovative television crime series emanating from the US in the last ten or twelve years.

Who killed Darren’s brother in Love Hate?

SEASON ONE The dramatic series finale saw Nidge marry girlfriend Trish (Aoibhinn McGinnity). But John Boy and his half-brother Hughie’s appearance at the reception causes some tension — after he works out that Hughie killed Darren’s brother.

Who killed Janet in love hate?

Brothel boss Janet was also murdered on the orders of Terence “Big Balls” and Nidge’s arch enemy suffered a barbaric prison rape when he was attacked by snooker cue wielding Noely Hughes. One show fan tweeted: “Can’t believe they killed Nidge Oh My God – Bawling.”

Why did Hughie shoot Robbie?

Hughie admits to John Boy – who is his half brother – that he killed Robbie over €300 he was owed. She doesn’t want Darren to kill Stumpy but she wants him to feel pain. As Stumpy leaves his house Darren attacks him.

What happened Rosie in love hate?

Rosie was also in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Stumpy and he cruelly caused her to suffer a pregnancy loss following a brutal attack of jealousy at home. Ruth left the show following the series two finale after Darren and Rosie ended their romance and their storyline came to an end.

What did Nidge do to Tommy?

Nidge is chasing his tail, trying to convince Dano that he had nothing to do with his father’s death, and Tommy gets caught in the crossfire when he admits sleeping with Dano’s wife Georgina. Nidge had designs on her himself, so he beats Tommy to a pulp.

Who killed Paulie in love hate?

Mobster Pauley was pushed to his death by his rat girlfriend Siobhan. The gang enforcer, sent to keep an eye on Nidge, was dramatically killed off in the latest bloody and brutal episode. Minutes after proposing to her, Pauley realises Siobhan is a Garda rat and she shoves him off her balcony.

Who killed Darren Treacy?

In the closing moments, Darren is shot and killed by Lizzie, whose brother he killed whilst saving Nidge. This episode was watched by 970,600 people on its first air date.

Who killed Git?

Season Three Paddy’s Night sets the tone for the entire series as something goes VERY badly wrong – namely Git getting a little bit too friendly with Siobhán and Tommy not taking this at all well – and the fallout is huge as Darren kills Git.

Who was Sally in love hate?

Aoibhin Garrihy
Love/Hate (TV Series 2010–2014) – Aoibhin Garrihy as Sally – IMDb.

What happens to Luke in love hate?

His character Luke was killed by heart-throb hitman Darren, played by Robert Sheehan, but actor Gavin Drea insists that life after Love/Hate is just as exciting as the drug-fuelled world of the series.