What happened to the 1989 Mustang?

What happened to the 1989 Mustang?

For two years there were many rumors and much speculation regarding what Ford would do. However, things went unchanged for the 1989 Mustang. Ford introduced a few new colors and produced the convertible with flag-style side mirrors!

What does LX mean on a 1989 Mustang?

If an LX was optioned out to have a 5.0L engine, it was called the LX Sport. The 1989 Mustang LX 5.0L Sport was a very interesting car. It offered much of the performance of the Mustang GT but in the LX body style for the 2-door coupe, hatchback, and convertible.

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Is the 1989 Mustang a limited edition model?

It was not a limited edition model by any means because every Mustang manufactured between April 17, 1989 and April 17, 1990 received a dash plaque decorated with a galloping pony badge, the three tribars and 25th anniversary stamped at its bottom. Mustang sales stayed flat in 1989 at 209,769 units.

What kind of transmission does a 1989 Ford Mustang have?

1989 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L With a Kenne Bell Supercharger running mated to an T-5 manual transmission. This car has power steering, power brakes, MSD ignition, titanium coated headers, cold air… Read More 1989 Ford Mustang LX Professionally built 408. C6 Transmission. Trans brake. Tanaka Racing seats.

How many miles on a 1989 Ford Mustang GT hatchback?

Newly Listed. This 1989 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback has only logged 1778 original miles and is in pristine collector/investment grade condition. One hundred percen…

What is the stock number of a 1989 Ford Mustang LX?

Gateway Classic Cars is proud to present this 1989 Mustang LX 5.0. Painted in white, this LX Foxbody 1989 Ford Mustang LX (Stock #757) If you have been looking for a notchback mustang that’s very fast?