What happened to the venue New Cross?

What happened to the venue New Cross?

Shockingly, it closed for a period after 1960 and much of the building was demolished – that’s right, Venue was actually even bigger at one point. The building as it is now became the Harp Club, and finally The Venue in 1989. It has remained that way since.

When did The venue new cross open?

A nightclub in New Cross which has played host to the likes of Oasis is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. The Venue, on Clifton Rise, opened in April of 1989 and in the 90s it attracted huge acts like Blur, Pulp, Suede, The Verve and Ocean Colour Scene.

Where was the venue nightclub?

Victoria Street, London, England
The Venue was a live music club at 160–162 Victoria Street, London, England, owned by Virgin Records.

How many floors does the new venue Cross have?

Five floors
The Number One Party Superclub in London playing the very best choice chart cuts, poptastic party anthems and essential indie bangers. Five floors over seven bars including Fagans Bar, The Basement, Barbarella, The Bee Bar, The Main Hall, The Balcony Cocktail Bar & The Star Bar.

What is another word for venue?


  • locale,
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  • What did venue mean?

    Definition of venue 1a : locale sense 1 also : a place where events of a specific type are held music venues. b : outlet sense 1c. 2a : the place from which a jury is drawn and in which trial is held requested a change of venue.

    What does venue mean on an invitation?

    venue Add to list Share. A venue is the place where an event or meeting is happening. If you’re going to see the best band ever, you should get to the venue early to get a good seat. Venue is derived from the Latin for “come” (venire), and it’s a place people come to.

    What is venue time?

    Local venue time. It means, whichever timezone the venue sits in, they’ll go on sale 5pm that time.

    What’s another word for venue?

    Do you put the address of the venue on a wedding invitation?

    Skip the venue street address and zip code. The most proper way to write a location, such as a ceremony or reception venue, is to only include the city and state. The only time you’d want to include a street address is in the case that there are two or more venues, within the same city and state, with the same name.

    What comes first venue or date?

    You can call around to all the various venues and check their availability on your chosen date. If you don’t have a specific date in mind, more so a general season or preferred month, then the VENUE comes first.

    Does time come before date?

    The time should not separate the day of the week and the date. Whether it comes first or last is a matter of style. Just don’t put it in the middle.

    How old is the venue nightclub in London?

    The Bars. Our majestic building first opened its doors as The Venue nightclub in April 1989, making it one of London’s longest running and most well established nightclubs for over 30 years. Take a wander through our multi-room set up with its individually themed décor that gives The Venue its famed variety and extremely unique feel.

    Why choose the venue for your next concert?

    Whether your musical taste is the very latest chart releases, cheese and party anthems or the best indie & alternative rough cuts The Venue has a room to cater for you.

    What to do at the venue?

    Take a wander through our multi-room set up with its individually themed décor that gives The Venue its famed variety and extremely unique feel. Choose from our well stocked bars that offer a large variety of reasonably priced drinks or treat yourself sultry cocktail made by one of our expert bar tenders.

    Why choose the venue for your weekend clubbing experience?

    We pride ourselves in offering the latest state of the art sound systems and spectacular lighting equipment to ensure that there’s no better place for our customers to enjoy their weekend nightclubbing experience. For the ultimate weekend clubbing experience The Venue’s got it covered.