What happened to USS Voyager?

What happened to USS Voyager?

Admiral Janeway beams aboard Voyager and meets her younger self, and is moved to see a healthy Tuvok and Chakotay again. In Janeway’s Ready Room, the Admiral reveals to the Captain that Voyager did eventually make it back to Earth after another 16 years, and the ship became a museum on the grounds of the Presidio.

Why was Voyager Cancelled?

Two reasons: The narrative of the series came to an end – The show had run its course and the end of series was a natural result of that. The series was being moved out of the way to be replaced by Enterprise – The franchise wanted to go in a new direction and that was the “prequel” series Enterprise.

What kind of ship was Voyager?

An Intrepid-class vessel capable of holding 200 crew members, the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 is one of the fastest and most powerful starships in Starfleet. Although only 345 meters long, about half the size of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, Voyager is more technologically advanced than previous Starfleet vessels.

How long was Voyager lost in the Delta Quadrant?

Plot. In the year 2404, the Federation and the re-assembled crew of Voyager are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ship’s return to Earth, 23 years after it was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Kathryn Janeway – now an admiral – reminisces with her crew, but reflects on the high personal costs of the long journey.

What happened to Captain Janeway after Voyager?

Based on that, we only know what happened to three characters from Voyager after the finale: Captain Janeway was promoted to Admiral at some point and was the officer that gave Captain Picard his orders to proceed to Romulus to meet the new Praetor, Shinzon (Star Trek: Nemesis).

What happened to Captain Janeway?

During a brief moment of contact, Janeway helps them destroy the Borg cube, with all hands on board. Although Seven manages to escape, Janeway is killed.

Did Star Trek: Voyager make a movie?

The Star Trek: Voyager – Movies were a short series of VHS releases from Paramount Home Entertainment, released in the UK in 2000 and 2001.

What date did Voyager get home?

Star Trek: Voyager ran for seven seasons before delivering its last episode, “Endgame” as a two-part special on May 23rd, 2001, making for an ending that saw the crew get home and encompassed many of the show’s core themes.

How did Voyager get home?

Getting Voyager home relies entirely on the Janeways’ plan to trick the Borg Queen in the Star Trek: Voyager series finale. This hinges on Admiral Janeway pulling off some sleight of hand. Without their Queen, the Borg have no guidance, and Voyager is able to carry out its mission to destroy the hub.

Is Voyager better than Enterprise?

Voyager was “theoretically” a weaker, but much faster ship than Enterprise D. However, according to the Voyager episodes, the ship was dozens of times more powerful than than Enterprise D. Look at the fact that a lone borg cube wiped out something like half the federation ships.

Why would it take Voyager 75 years to get home?

Voyager was about 70,000 light-years away from home, and crew would often use “75 years” as the time it would take to get back home at top speed. This means the Voyager series used the old method of Warp calculation. 70,000/9.9753 is roughly 71 years.

What is the fastest ship in Star Trek?

– v being the speed of the signal or starship – c being the speed of light (3.0 × 108 m/s) and – wf being the resulting warp factor

What is the Star Trek ship called?

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), the starship in the original Star Trek TV series To boldly go where no man has gone before, you’d need a really good starship – and to launch Star Trek, the pop culture phenomenon that entertained and inspired millions, you’d need a pretty darned good one! And that is exactly what the United Space Starship Enterprise delivered. Here are 8 Starship Enterprise facts

How to make a Star Trek ship?

Design Your Own Starship. Admit it: you’ve always wanted to design and captain your own starship. Well, now you’ve got your chance. Further broadening the horizons of the massively multiplayer online PC title Star Trek Online, Star Trek Online Architect provides players with the necessary virtual tools to recreate their favorite Star Trek ships or to create their own, customized, one-of-a-kind ship that they can boldly pilot across the gaming universe.

What are the classes of Star Trek ships?

Discovery Federation Ship Classes. Starfleet Ships Section 31 Ships Non-Starfleet Ships Shuttles Space Stations Satellites and Probes Unknown Starfleet Class Unknown Non-Starfleet Class Unknown Stations. There are fundamental discrepancies between the reimagined Starfleet ships of Discovery, the ones of the five classic Star Trek series and the ones of the Abramsverse, discrepancies that