What happened to Valeen Schnurr and Cassie?

What happened to Valeen Schnurr and Cassie?

Valeen Schnurr lived to tell the tale, but a boy named Craig — in the adrenaline-fueled mayhem — confused Valeen Schnurr for Cassie Bernall. Bernall, unfortunately, had been hiding in the same room and died that afternoon.

Was there a conversation between Val Schnurr and her killer?

“We strongly doubt that conversation ever occurred,” says Steve Davis, spokesman for the Jefferson County, Colo., sheriff’s office, which investigated the shootings. What they found was something else that Val had known all along. There was a conversation at the other end of the school library, between Schnurr and her would-be killer.

Is Val Schnurr’s story similar to Cassie Bernall’s?

At first, the Schnurrs thought of their daughter’s story as parallel to Cassie Bernall’s, unconnected, if less well known, and with a happier outcome. Neither anticipated the copycat comments, and when they began, Val’s parents turned fiercely protective. “She has a beautiful story,” says Shari Schnurr.

What does Valeen Schnurr do for a living?

There is Valeen Schnurr who now works for the social services, arranging adoptions and helping to rescue traumatised children from abusive parents. “I guess that dealing with the loss of naivety that you have when you’re younger has helped me cope,” she says of her job. “Most of humanity doesn’t think about mortality.

What did Valeen Schnurr say to the shooter?

“Do you believe in God?” According to Wyant, Valeen Schnurr hesitated for a brief moment before responding: “Yes. I believe in God.” Klebold asked her why, to which Schnurr plainly replied: “Because I believe. And my parents brought me up that way.” The shooter reloaded as Valeen Schnurr attempted to crawl away.

Why doesn’t Schnurr read the Bernalls’book?

Schnurr and her parents haven’t read the Bernalls’ book, and probably never will. Schnurr, after all, has other problems to face. She has five more surgeries to endure, plus the psychological tangle. Her heaviest burden now is survivor’s guilt. She’s grateful God spared her but wants to know why.