What happens at the end of Reply 1997?

What happens at the end of Reply 1997?

Shi Won and Yoon Jae live together. Tae Woong is dragged to a DBSK concert by his colleagues. He ends up meeting his surgeon again and ends up with her. Tae Woong ends up marrying his surgeon, who becomes the president of the DBSK fan club of Korea.

Who is the father in reply 1997?

Son Jin-Young – Yoon-Je’s father (teen) Park Cho-Rong – Sung Si-Won’s mother (teen) Yoon Bo-Mi – Yoon-Je’s mother (teen) Lee Yong-Nyeo – cancer ward # 404 room patient….Cast.

Eun Ji-Won Lee Ho-Won Lee Si-Un
Do Hak-Chan Kang Joon-Hee Bang Sung-Jae

What is the story of Reply 1997?

Summary. Set in 1997, the series follows female high school student Sung Shi-won (Jung Eun-ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her five high school friends. As a teen, Shi-won was obsessed with a boy band. Now 33-years-old, Shi-won and her friends are reviving their memories at their school reunion.

What surgery did Yoon Jae gets?

Yoon Jae has circumcision. It is supposed to be a secret, but the whole town knows, including Shi Won. Shi Won accidentally hands him a pad as she helps him search for his things.

Is Reply 1997 based on true story?

It adds a little spice and romance into the equation before you get really pulled into the main couple! Despite everything I just said, I stand by the fact that the reason we love the “Reply” series so much is because it’s real. The people are real, the plot is real, the struggles are real, and the stories are real.

Are the reply series connected?

All three are set in the same world with a few recurring characters and some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it connections. This means the depth of the story can change depending on how you watch it!

Is Reply 1988 based on true story?

Reply 1988 This well loved K-drama’s story was not based in real story, but one of its characters was inspired by a real person. Park Bo Gum’s role is actually inspired by Lee Chang Ho, who is a real-life Baduk player, and won a lot of local and international Baduk tournaments.

Are reply series connected?

How is reply series connected?

To put it simply, just watch it in the order they were released! It may seem like we didn’t have to tell you that, but the titles can get pretty confusing. By watching it in chronological order, you will start with Reply 1997, then Reply 1994, and finally, Reply 1988.

Why is Sung Dong Il in all reply series?

Sung Dong Il ultimately chose his “Reply 1997” daughter, Jung Eun Ji. He further said that because she was his first daughter and among his onscreen daughters, Eun Ji contacts him the most as stated on Soompi. Sung Dong Il played the father character in all “Reply Series,” under the same name, Sung Dong Il.

Was Choi Taek a real person?

Choi Taek, played by Park Bo-gum, was loosely based on the real-life Go player, Lee Chang-ho. Unlike the previous Reply series, 1988 focused more on filial bond than romance between characters with director Shin saying that most of the story was about family, and only a small fraction was about Duk-seon’s love.

Did someone died in Reply 1988?

The one ‘change’ that happened – was more a deletion – had to do with Jung Hwan. Apparently (and there are clues in the drama pointing to this) he died in a military plane crash which was going to be revealed in the final episode. But the producers felt that would be a downer so just left it off.

What is the movie Reply 1997 about?

Set in the 1990s, “Reply 1997” follows female high high school student Shi-Won (Jung Eun-ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T and her 5 high school friends.

What is the Reply series about?

As the first installment of the Reply series, it also portrays the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when first generation idol groups such as H.O.T. and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just beginning to blossom.

Is Reply 1997 the aftermath scary?

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