What happens in Act 2 of A View from the Bridge?

What happens in Act 2 of A View from the Bridge?

Marco and Rodolpho have been moved upstairs to live with Mrs. Dondero. Beatrice and Eddie argue about their relationship and Beatrice tells Eddie that Catherine and Rodolpho are going to be married next week. Beatrice advises Eddie to give Catherine and Rodolpho his good word and even attend the wedding.

Why does Eddie kiss Rodolpho?

Eddie says that Rodolpho “didn’t give me the right kind of fight,” and tells Alfieri that he kissed Rodolpho so Catherine would see what Rodolpho really is. Eddie again insists that he kissed Rodolpho to prove Rodolpho’s homosexuality, though this is not entirely convincing.

Is Eddie in love with Catherine?

The relationship between Eddie and Catherine seems very normal at first. Eddie is an overprotective guardian of his niece. However, through the Eddie’s actions and various clues from other characters, Eddie’s romantic feelings toward Catherine are revealed.

What scene does Eddie kiss Catherine?

A view from the bridge – Act 2: Scene where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolfo. In this scene Eddie comes home early from work because it is Christmas holiday. He is drunk and seems unsteady. He calls out to Beatrice to see if she is at home.

What happens in A View from the Bridge?

Eddie Carbone is devoted to his wife Beatrice and his niece Catherine. When Beatrice’s cousins Marco and Rodolpho enter the US illegally, desperate to find work having fled the poverty of Sicily, the pair is welcomed into the Carbone home.

What is the theme of A View from the Bridge?

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller is a dramatic tale of difficult relationships and family honor. Each character seems to operate from fear: fear of loss, of poverty, of looking bad to the community. Strong themes woven into the narrative include honor, forbidden love, and assimilation.

Why does Catherine call Eddie a rat?

She calls him a “rat” This could have two meanings as one could interpret this as a dirty, filty animal but it also be referring to him telling the immigration bereau about Rodolpho and Marco. This is the real moment of defiance from Catherine and before this her defiance slowly builds as the play goes on.

Is Catherine Eddie’s niece?

Catherine. The niece of Eddie Carbone and Beatrice. Catherine is a beautiful, smart, young Italian girl who is very popular among the boys in the community. Catherine seeks approval from her uncle and struggles when Eddie does not approve of Rodolpho, the man she intends to marry.

Is Eddie Carbone a villain?

Eddie Carbone is the main protagonist villain of A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller.

What is Eddie’s tragic flaw?

Eddie’s tragic flaw is the bubble, the constructed world he exists within, but is unable to escape or recognize.

Why does Marco spit in Eddie’s face?

He cannot understand how one human being would do this to another. Spitting in Eddie’s face shows his utter contempt for him. Marco believes it is his duty to right this wrong without recourse to the law. He believes that the law has nothing to do with his need for justice.

What happens in act One of a view from the bridge?

Eddie and Beatrice recall the story of a boy who snitched to the immigration police about his own uncle staying in the house. The uncle was beaten and dragged from the family’s home. The stage lights focus on Alfieri, who forwards the time to ten o’clock and reflects on Eddie as a good, hard-working man.

What happens in Act 1 of a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge Act 1 Summary & Analysis. Catherine says that Rodolpho has been telling her about Italy, where there are fountains in every town and orange and lemon trees. Eddie tells Rodolpho that he wants to talk to Catherine alone. Rodolpho leaves, and Eddie says that he never sees Catherine anymore.

What is the setting of a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge Act 1 Summary & Analysis. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in A View from the Bridge, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The play is set in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook in the 1950s, near the small apartment of a man named Eddie.

What does Beatrice say to Catherine in a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge Act 1 Summary & Analysis. Beatrice tells Catherine that she needs to act differently and tell Eddie not to order her around, because if Beatrice tells him this, he will only think she is jealous of Catherine. Catherine is astonished and asks if Eddie said Beatrice was jealous of her.

What does Alfieri say to Eddie in a view from the bridge?

A View from the Bridge Act 1 Summary & Analysis. He says that when Eddie came to his office, he looked passionate and upset. Alfieri goes to his office, where Eddie is sitting. He asks Eddie what he wants him to do, since there is nothing illegal about Catherine falling in love with Rodolpho .