What happens in chapter 6 of that was then this is now?

What happens in chapter 6 of that was then this is now?

Once the Texans have been caught, Mark and Bryon testify in the trial—The Texans are sentenced to life in prison. Bryon thinks that he doesn’t really care what happens to them, because Charlie is dead and nothing can change that.

What happened in chapter 7 of that was then this is now?

Every day, Cathy and Bryon drive up and down the Ribbon to look for him, with no luck. Meanwhile, Bryon gets a job at a supermarket and keeps his attitude in check. By getting a respectable, lawful job at the supermarket, Bryon shows that he has been able to humble himself and take on more responsibility.

What happened to M&M in this then this is now in Chapter 9?

Not only could M&M have been arrested for his drug use, but his trip also nearly spurred him to commit suicide. Get the entire That Was Then, This Is Now LitChart as a printable PDF. Cathy drives to the hospital while Bryon tries to calm M&M and hold onto him. M&M screams in terror, wondering where he is.

What was Mark’s excuse that was then now?

Mark was stealing the principal’s car to report to his parole officer since he was caught stealing cars. Give evidence to support Bryon’s belief that Mark can get away with anything. What name to the hippies give M&M?

What happened to the Texans that was then this is now?

What happens to the Texans? They are caught, put on trial, and sentenced to life in prison.

How did Bryon say he felt about Cathy?

How did byron say he felt about Cathy? He loves her. What did M&M do while they were at The Ribbon?

What happens in Chapter 8 of that was then this is now?

Bryon admits that he did and apologizes, deciding to tell the truth. The guys rush Bryon, taking turns punching him until he passes out. Here, Mark’s revenge comes full circle. After Mark cut off Angela’s hair for the beating he received, here the Shepards are now getting revenge for that retaliation.

Why did Mark cut off Angela’s hair?

While Mark cut off Angela’s hair as an act of revenge, Bryon is the one who is attacked for it. However, he does not seek vengeance after being beaten up by Angela’s brothers. Mark, for the first time, feels responsible for his actions and is not okay with his best friend being beaten up for something that he had done.

What happens at the end of the book that was then this is now?

At the end of the story, when Bryon finds the drugs Mark has been selling, he realizes that ‘Mark had absolutely no concept of what was right and what was wrong; he didn’t obey any laws, because he couldn’t see that there were any.” Bryon thinks about Cathy, M&M, and the pain her family is going through, and he feels …

How old is Ponyboy in that was then this is now?

The character of Ponyboy was taken out of this film for obvious reasons (why would he still be 16 in 1985?), but other Outsiders (most notably Tim Shepard) remained intact without aging a day– effectively destroying any continuity it might have had with the film it was undoubtedly cashing in on.

What happens in the end of that was then this is now?

How old is Byron in that was then this is now?

Bryon is the protagonist of the novel. When the story opens, he’s 16 years old and lives with his mother and his best friend, Mark.