What has taken the place of Topix?

What has taken the place of Topix?

Newsreels App is the best Topix Forums alternative. Also find 8 more alternatives to Topix Forums including Paper Run, Velocity, Wylo.

How do you find out who posted on Topix?

Scroll on the results page from your search. Find the user with the username you entered and click the link to visit her personal Topix page. From the Topix profile page, you have the ability to view all posts and comments made by the user whose username you searched.

Did Topix get shut down?

U.S. Topix was an American Internet media company. The Topix local news and forums were shut down on December 20, 2018.

What is the difference between Topix and Nikkei?

The Tokyo Price Index, known as TOPIX, is a Japanese stock market index calculated and published by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). Another Japanese stock index is the Nikkei, which is a price-weighted index comprised of the top 225 blue chip companies traded on the TSE.

What companies are in the TOPIX?


  • Toyota Motor Company. 3.36.
  • Mitsubishi. 2.04.
  • Softbank Group. 1.69.
  • Nippon Telephone and Telegraph. 1.57.
  • Sony Corporation.

What is Japan TOPIX?

TOPIX is a market benchmark with functionality as an investable index, covering an extensive proportion of the Japanese stock market. This is a measure of the overall trend in the stock market, and is used as a benchmark for investment in japan stocks.

What is difference between Nikkei and TOPIX?

As mentioned previously, the Nikkei Index ranks stocks by price and tracks the top 225 companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In contrast, TOPIX ranks stocks by free-float adjusted market capitalization. TOPIX also tracks all domestic companies listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

How many companies are in TOPIX?

The capitalization-weighted index tracks the performance of 30 stocks in the TOPIX index that have large market capitalizations and are the most liquid. The index started on April 1, 1998 with a base value of 1,000.

What is the meaning of TOPIX?

Tokyo Price Index
The Tokyo Price Index—commonly referred to as TOPIX—is a metric for stock prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). TOPIX is a capitalization-weighted index that lists all firms in the “first section” of the TSE, a section that organizes all large firms on the exchange into one group.

How many stocks are there in TOPIX?

The top 20 stocks in TOPIX are approximately 25% of the total weighting, and the top 70 stocks make up half the market cap of TOPIX….FIGURE 1: TOP FIVE MEMBERS OF THE TOPIX INDEX AS OF NOVEMBER 9, 2017.

Member Weighting in Index (%)
5) Sony Corporation 1.37