What inventions came out 2015?

What inventions came out 2015?

5 world-changing inventions from 2015

  • Self-driving cars.
  • Real-time voice translation.
  • Water-filtering book.
  • Needle-free vaccines.
  • Disease-free mosquitoes.

What inventions came out 2016?

The best inventions of 2016, according to TIME magazine

  • Uneven football fields.
  • A roof over their heads.
  • A life-saving potato.
  • Artificial pancreas.
  • Artificial limbs.
  • The fundraising Power Band.
  • Cleaner air.

What technological advancements were made in 2015?

These are the 10 best technology advances of 2015.

  1. Simple Blood Tests for Cancer.
  2. Brain Organoids.
  3. Cars That Communicate with One Another.
  4. Zero-emissions Vehicles.
  5. Sense and Avoid Drones.
  6. Artificial Intelligence Fools Humans.
  7. Holographic Computer.
  8. Smartphone Screens That Sense Pressure.

What inventions came out in 2017?

The 25 Best Inventions of 2017, According to ‘TIME’

  • Jibo – The $899 social robot.
  • eSight 3 – AR glasses.
  • Halo Top – Gluten-free ice-cream.
  • Fenty Beauty – Rihanna’s newly-launched makeup line.
  • Ember Mug – $80 smart mug.
  • Thyssenkrupp MULTI – A multi-directional elevator.
  • iPhone X – Apple’s latest flagship smartphone.

What was invented in the last 10 years?

As 2019 comes to a close, here’s a look back at some of the best and most important inventions of the decade.

  1. ​Google Assistant. Article continues after video.
  2. Crispr.
  3. SpaceX’s Reusable Rocket.
  4. ​Venmo.
  5. Nest Thermostat.
  6. iPad.
  7. The ​Self-Driving Car.
  8. Consumer LED Light Bulb.

What was invented in 2014?

Top 10 Greatest Inventions of 2014

  • 3D Printed Everything:
  • BMW Electric Car:
  • Copenhagen Wheel:
  • Ebola-Dialysis Machine:
  • Hendo Hoverboard:
  • Lockheed Martin Fusion Reactor:
  • Mangalyaan Spacecraft:
  • Privacy Smartphone:

What inventions came out in 2018?

Best Inventions 2018

  • On-Demand Eyes for the Blind. Aira.
  • A Hearing Aid Meant for the Masses. Eargo Max.
  • A Razor Built for Assisted Shaving. Gillette Treo.
  • A Wheelchair That Empowers Its Users. WHILL Model Ci.
  • Making Gaming More Inclusive. Xbox Adaptive Controller.

What was invented in 2018?

What is the most compelling product introduced in 2015?

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  • The Book That Filters Water.
  • The Ocean Vacuum.
  • The Personal Pollution Detector.
  • The Ball That Teaches Kids to Code.
  • All-Access Virtual Reality.
  • The Musical Instrument That Anyone Can Master.
  • The Meanest, Greenest Driving Machine. Tesla Model X / est.
  • The Toy That Talks Back. CogniToys Dino / $120.

What was created in 2018?

3D metal printing, artificial embryos, and dueling neural networks are three of the biggest breakthrough technologies of 2018. — MIT Technology Review. While some of the choices on MIT’s 2018 list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies have not yet reached widespread use, they will all have a profound effect on human life.

What was invented in the last 20 years?

The Best Electrical Inventions in the Last 20 Years

  • The Internet. You can’t discuss the top inventions of the modern era without bringing up the internet.
  • MP3 Players.
  • Digital Cameras.
  • GPS.
  • Electric Cars.

What was invented in 2013?

The 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013

  • Introduction. What Makes an Invention Great?
  • Wildly Entertaining. The Driverless (Toy) Car. Gravity’s Lightbox. Alcoholic Coffee. Sony’s Smart Lens.
  • Extremely Fun. The Cronut. The Mission R. The Plus Pool.
  • Compelling. The Oculus Rift. The Edible Password Pill. The Invisible Skyscraper.