What is a baci?

What is a baci?

The ritual of the baci involves tying strings around a person’s wrist to preserve good luck, and has become a national custom. The observance of Baci as a spiritual ceremonial event was prevalent in Laos even before Buddhism made inroads into the country.

Who sang the song 24000 baisers in French?

The song had a large success in France with the version performed by Johnny Hallyday titled “24.000 baisers”. It was covered in English by Claudio Simonetti with the title “Four An’Twenty Thousand Kisses”.

When did Thalía record 24000 Besos?

In 2005, Mexican singer Thalía recorded a Spanish version of the song called 24,000 Besos for her album El Sexto Sentido. The song was planned to be the third single from the album’s third single but was replaced with Seducción. Even though it was not released as a single, her cover managed to peak at number 83 in Romania.

What is Baci ceremony in Laos?

Baci ceremony in Luang Prabang, Laos. The ceremony of Baci is held on any day throughout the year as it is meant to commemorate specific events in an individual’s life. It is usually held before noon.