What is a brownfield site BBC Bitesize?

What is a brownfield site BBC Bitesize?

Brownfield site – an old industrial or inner-city site that is cleared for a new building development. Green belt – land consisting of farmland, woodland and open recreational areas surrounding urban areas on which building is restricted.

What is a brownfield site geography?

The EPA defines a “brownfield site” as “real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.” A “brownfield” generally refers to a parcel of land that was previously used for industrial purposes and …

What are brownfield and greenfield sites?

➢ Brownfield- A site that has been built on before. Normally associated with urban areas. ➢ Greenfield- Sites that have not been built on before. Often rural / countryside areas.

What is an example of a brownfield site?

In simple terms, a brownfield is property that is either contaminated or that people think might be contaminated. Common examples of brownfields include former gas stations, metal plating facilities, and dry cleaners. Many sites now considered brownfields once provided economic vitality and jobs to local communities.

What are the advantages of brownfield sites?


  • Redeveloping a Brownfield site not only boosts the economy by creating jobs and lifting property prices, but it improves the environment and creates a safer, healthier space.
  • Bringing a Brownfield site back into use prevents ‘urban sprawl’ thereby reducing traffic.

What causes brownfield?

A brownfield is an abandoned, idled, or underused industrial or commercial facility in which redevelopment is burdened by real or potential environmental contamination. * Typical businesses that leave behind such contaminated sites include: Railroads. Gas stations.

What is a brownfield site GCSE?

Brownfield sites The site has already been developed so reduces urban sprawl . Are found in urban areas, so building housing there reduces demand on car use. Are more expensive to build on as often the land needs to be cleared first (especially if land is contaminated from previous industrial use).

What is meant by brownfield project?

Brownfield project is a term used in urban planning, which means land that has been used previously but is lying vacant or unused now. This land could have been contaminated by industrial waste or hazardous waste or might have suspected oil contamination.

What is an urban brownfield site?

In urban planning, brownfield land is any previously developed land that is not currently in use that may be potentially contaminated. The term is also used to describe land previously used for industrial or commercial purposes with known or suspected pollution including soil contamination due to hazardous waste.

What is a brownfield quizlet?

brownfield. a property which has the presence or potential to be a hazardous waste, pollutant or contaminant i.e. former: gas stations, dry cleaners.

Which of the following is an example of brownfield development?

Abandoned oil refineries, chemical factories and heavy manufacturing units, are some examples of brownfield project sites.

Why is a brownfield site sustainable?

Land use and urban design on brownfield sites are regarded as sustainable when land use functions match regional socio-economic demands and needs. The integration of the reuse of brownfield sites into a regional land management and into the urban development are seen as sustainability objectives as well.