What is a Downeaster fishing boat?

What is a Downeaster fishing boat?

The Down Easter or Downeaster was a type of 19th-century sailing ship built in Maine, and used largely in the California grain trade. It achieved a balance between speed and tonnage such that it made the wheat trade between California and Great Britain competitive with east coast grain trade via steam ship.

What is a Downeast hull?

Downeast hulls are defined by what’s below the waterline not above. It may look like a lobster boat but, not where it counts.

What makes a Downeast boat?

There are many adaptations now to downeast boats for various applications, but the true downeast has a “fine entry”, a low profile, long sheerlines, and a semi-displacement hull. The keel and large rudders help the boat track in these conditions, while the soft chines allows the waves to easily pass under the hull.

Where are MJM boats made?

MJM Yachts are built in America by Boston BoatWorks; they are lighter, stronger and longer lasting than conventional fiberglass boats.

Who builds Mussel Ridge boats?

Albert Hutchinson
“Sure, it’s a lot of work,” he said. “But often your choice is to either do that or not get the order at all.” Albert Hutchinson, who builds Mussel Ridge hulls in his Cushing shop, has seen the same thing. First came the interest in his 15′ wide Mussel Ridge 42; then (of course) came the requests for something bigger.

Where are Rivolta boats made?

Big Boat Feel, Weekender Simplicity: Designed in Maine and built in Florida, the Rivolta 43 Vintage is all about sailing.

Who makes Cutwater?

Fluid Motion
Fluid Motion is a locally owned and operated family business that sells its Ranger Tugs and Cutwater Boats worldwide. The company operates six factories in Arlington, Monroe, Kent, and Auburn, Washington.

What is a Downeast yacht?

Downeast Boats originated in Maine and derive their name from the geographical orientation of the Maine coastline. The original Downeast boats themselves are the backbone of the Maine lobster industry. In some cases the commercial boats have been trimmed out and are called “lobster yachts” by some.

Why is it called Downeast?

The origin of the phrase “Down East” is typically traced to nautical terminology referring to direction, rather than location. In the warm months most suitable for sailing, the prevailing winds along the coast of New England and Canada blow from the southwest, meaning ships sail downwind to go east.

How seaworthy are lobster boats?

Lobster boat hulls are seaworthy, handle well even at slow speeds, are relatively economical to operate, and can go faster when required. These boats are readily available to any stage of completion, so they make good projects.

What is a Downeast?

“Down East”, also “Downeast”, is a term for parts of eastern coastal New England and Canada, particularly the U.S. state of Maine and Canada’s Maritime Provinces, an area that closely corresponds to the historical French territory of Acadia.

Where are Mussel Ridge boats built?

Newport Yacht Builder’s expertise in fitting new interiors into existing hulls, developed through numerous large refit projects, was seen as a perfect fit for this project. The Mussel Ridge 54′ hull and deck were built at Hutchinson Composite in Cushing Maine.

What is a Down East boat?

BigPurp87. As I have posted in other threads I am in the market for a 28-31’ish downeast boat ideally with pilothouse and definately bunks (or space to add bunks).

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  • What is a Downeast boat?

    – Initial stability, as in how much it heels when you step on the gunwale at rest. – Ultimate stability, as in at what angle will the boat right itself (although with a powerboat, it will probably swamp so it may be a moot point). – Comfort/roll rate, as it how quickly does the boat roll upright when forced to heel?

    What is a harbor boat?

    Mariner who manoeuvres ships through dangerous or congested waters that are subject to statutory pilotage by virtue of a legal requirement of that territory. For broader coverage of this topic, see Piloting.

    What is a custom boat?

    Boat window tinting. Also known as marine window tinting,this provides the same benefit of car tint.

  • Full custom boat wraps. Want to wrap more than just your boat’s transom?
  • Paint protection film. Gel coat oxidation is awful and super annoying.
  • Black brow masks. Make the brow of your yacht look like one long strip of windows.
  • Custom yacht name graphics.