What is a duplex timing chain?

What is a duplex timing chain?

Duplex just means it features a double row timing chain which is much stronger and therefore more reliable, than the single row chain system fitted as standard. Always replace the cam followers when changing the camshaft. The lighter variety reduce loading, and thus increase the life of the camshaft lobes.

What Navara has engine problems?

D23 (2014–present) Even though the Nissan Navara is mostly considered to be a tried and tested vehicle, it seems as if owners of Navara bakkies fitted with the YD25DDTi diesel engines (especially the ones in the D22 and D40 generations) experience the bulk of issues.

Does a D40 Navara have a timing belt?

The simple answer, Andrew, is that the 2.5-litre turbo-diesel engine in your Navara has a timing chain rather than a timing belt. The trade recommends that the primary timing chain in these engines is changed every 80,000km or so and inspected for wear and stretching every 40,000km.

What is a simplex timing chain?

The Single row timing chain was fitted to every A series engine except the twin row duplex gear set which was introduced on Cooper S cars. Check your timing gears for wear and if need be replace or alternatively to a duplex kit C-AJJ3323 or renew original standard single row by ordering SIMPLEX.

When should I replace my D40 timing chain?

There is no requirement to change the chain regularly as there is on engines with timing belts, but chains do wear and sometimes they loosen or even break as we reported in our used review of the D40 a few weeks ago. Of course, when that happens you must replace the chain.

How many hours does it take to replace a timing chain?

In general, if the timing chain is replaced by a mechanic having all their replacement supplies and parts easily accessible, the job itself should not take more than 5 to 8 hours total.

When should I replace my Navara timing chain?

We recommend that the timing chains in the YD25 engine be inspected for wear when the engines have travelled 100,000 kilometres and every 40,000 km thereafter. These engines can have a worn chain but present no abnormal engine noises and for this reason regular chain inspection is vital.

How long does a Nissan Navara last?

Beyond that, the D40 Navara is not generally regarded as a magnificent long-term prospect and many in the trade reckon about 160,000km is the limit for reliable service going forward.

How long does a timing chain last in a Nissan Navara?

10 to 40 000km
Chain manufacturers The 2 brands of chain that have proven to last are genuine Nissan Tsubaki chain and iwis chain from Germany. All other chains last 10 to 40 000km.

How does a duplex roller chain drive work?

This form of chain drive is made from a series of cylindrical rollers fastened together with side links. Duplex roller chains consist of another row of plates providing the same number of sprocket teeth slots running in parallel to the first two in a simplex model, with roller bearings and pins in between.

Can you upgrade the timing chain on a Nissan YD25?

Our upgrade timing chain gear kits for the Nissan YD25’s, Navara and Pathfinder, we believe are the best available on the market. This timing chain kit upgrade converts your lower primary chain and gears to “Duplex” to match the “Duplex upper secondary chain and gears.

How much does it cost to repair a Navara YD25 timing chain?

For first class Navara YD25 Timing Chain services (D40, D22, R51), contact the team at Trade Mechanical today on 07 5502 2894. The Big Problem – A worn or broken timing chain can cause catastrophic engine failure, in some cases costing up to $10,000 to repair.

What is a duplex timing chain upgrade?

This timing chain kit upgrade converts your lower primary chain and gears to “Duplex” to match the “Duplex upper secondary chain and gears. Our timing gears are made from a solid one piece gear (billet), which greatly increases strength and longevity.

What causes a timing chain to fail on a YD engine?

The Cause of the Problem – The early YD engines (YD22) were fitted with a duplex style timing chain from factory, timing chain failures in these engines were very rare. When they introduced the YD25 engine, that Duplex chain was replaced with a single row primary timing chain. The weak single row primary timing chain wears excessively.