What is a Fanuc post processor?

What is a Fanuc post processor?

FANUC America has introduced a new post processor designed to optimize 5-axis capabilities in FANUC CNCs. The new post processor allows advanced machine tool operators to reduce their cycle times while boosting part accuracy, particularly for CAD/CAM generated 5-axis simultaneous contouring part processes.

What is CNC post processor?

A post processor is software that translates CAD or CAM data to specific commands your CNC cutting machine can understand. Whatever CAD or CAM system you use, it has a certain point where it produces generic output called a “CL-file.”

How do I add a post to NX?

  1. 1- copy those files to c:/program files/siemens/ NX xx. x/mach/resources/postprocessor folder.
  2. 2- open “template_post.dat” file with notepad or worpad.
  3. 3-write this string template :
  4. ” what name do you want to see in nx,${UGII_CAM_POST_DIR}postname.tcl,${UGII_CAM_POST_DIR}postname.def “

What is a post processor file?

A post processor is a language definition file used to modify generic g-code such that it can be used on a particular cnc machine. Mach3, LinuxCNC, and the CNC USB Control Software can all use the generic g-code post-processors available with every CAM program.

What is post processor in CAM software?

A post processor is software that takes your CAD/CAM toolpathing information and converts it into code that your CNC machine can utilize. It is essentially an interpreter, translating the language of your design into commands that the machine can follow.

What is CSS post processor?

Post-processing or subsequent processing of CSS code is an interesting trend in the world of CSS. It usually means adding code to fallbacks for older browsers, but it could also partially replace pre-processors in a few years’ time.

What is the use of post processor in Jmeter?

Post-Processors are actions that are performed after your sampler has been executed. You can use them to perform some actions on your response or extract some values out from the response and save them in a variable that can be used later.

What are the basic differences between post processor and apt processor?

The APT language consists of four types of statements. Geometry statements will be used to specify the elemental features defining the part shape. Motion statements are used to specify the path taken by the tool. Post-processor statements control the machinery, controlling coolants as well as the feeds and speeds.

What is Post builder?

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What post processor to use?

Use Personal Post Library – Folder location of your custom Posts.

  • Use Installed Post Library – Folder location of the standard Posts
  • Open Autodesk HSM Post Library – Go and search the on-line Post Library
  • Open Folder – Open the current folder location
  • Refresh – Refresh the list of Posts in the folder
  • What is a post processor?

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    What is a CNC post processor?

    File Comments. A section where you can describe the post processor and record any changes to the post processor,each line is a comment and starts with a ‘+’ character

  • Global File Statements.
  • Tape Splitting Support.
  • Line Terminating Characters.
  • Block Numbering.