What is a Lambeg drum?

What is a Lambeg drum?

The Lambeg drum is perhaps most usually associated with the Orange tradition, where it is often used to accompany marchers on parade. However drumming matches and competitions are held independently by drumming clubs the length and breadth of the Province.

Why do Lambegs have so many buffs?

Buffs play an essential part in achieving the required level of tension in the drum heads. Modern Lambegs have fifteen buffs per drum to ensure the even distribution of tension around the drum head. These buffs are made from industrial belting, although in the past buffs were made from leather.

Who is the composer of the song ‘Lambeg’?

The song was composed by Willie Drennan, an Ulster Scots folk musician from County Antrim and the leader of the Willie Drennan Electric Band. Willie Drennan with the Lambeg drum in the music video.

What is the history of the Lambeg?

The origin of the Lambeg is unclear. It is commonly believed to have come to Ulsterwith English settlers in the early-mid-17th century. Other accounts state it came to Ireland with the Duke of Schomberg’smen of the army of William of Orangeduring the Williamite war.