What is a loop antenna?

What is a loop antenna?

Loop antennas have been popular with 80-meter DXers for more than 30 years. Resonant loop antennas have a circum­ ference of 1 λ. The exact shape of the loop is not particularly important. In free space, the loop with the highest gain, how­ ever, is the loop with the shape that encloses the largest area for a given circumference.

How many references does my loop antenna have?

My Loop AntennaNovember 20, 2013 30 References Many of the figures were taken from the websites below.

What is the reactance of loop antenna in free space?

The loop antenna was first modeled in free space to be resonant at 3.75 MHz and the reactance data was obtained with those free-space resonant-loop dimensions. For the vertically polarized quad loop, the resistive part of the impedance changes very little with the type of ground under the antenna.

What is the horizontal directivity of a quad loop antenna?

The horizontal directivity, Fig 10-3C, is rather poor, and amounts to approximately 3.3 dB of side rejection at any wave angle. 1.2.2. Horizontal polarization A horizontally polarized quad-loop antenna (two stacked short dipoles) produces a wave angle that is dependent on the height of the loop.