What is a master clock used for?

What is a master clock used for?

A master clock is a precision clock that provides timing signals to synchronise slave clocks as part of a clock network. Networks of electric clocks connected by wires to a precision master pendulum clock began to be used in institutions like factories, offices, and schools around 1900.

What is a digital master clock?

An external clock connects to your audio interface (or other digital gear) using word clock connections, typically using BNC cables — the external clock becomes the “master” and sends the clock signal via a word clock output, while the audio interface (for example) becomes the “slave” and receives clock using a word …

What is word clock used for in audio?

In digital audio electronics, a word clock or wordclock (sometimes sample clock, which can have a broader meaning) is a clock signal used to synchronise other devices, such as digital audio tape machines and compact disc players, which interconnect via digital audio signals.

Does Adat require word clock?

Every piece of audio equipment has internal clocking, but if you want to use multiple devices, you need digital cables such as BNC, ADAT, or S/PDIF to synchronize them together.

When was the word clock invented?

The word clock (via Medieval Latin clocca from Old Irish clocc, both meaning ‘bell’), which gradually supersedes “horologe”, suggests that it was the sound of bells which also characterized the prototype mechanical clocks that appeared during the 13th century in Europe.

How important is a word clock?

Word Clock becomes very important when connecting two or more digital audio devices that are sending signals digitally to each other. They must synchronise to one Master Clock.

What is the master clock in the world?

The world’s most precise clock is found in the United States. The clock was built by the National Institute of Standard and Technology together with the University of Colorado, Boulder. The clock is so precise no second is lost over the entire age of the Universe.

Do I need a word clock cable?

What is word clock embedded?

Word Clock provides a measurement of the passing of time at the speed of the sample rate. It allows multiple digital audio devices to synchronise with one another. Word clock may be embedded in a digital audio signal or generated and transmitted separately.

Where is word clock used?

Word clock is used by the receiving digital device to lock to the incoming digital signal. Every digital device, from a simple, portable CD player to a Pro Tools HD rig, has a word clock. Not to be confused with sync clock (like MTC or SMPTE), word clock is what tells an A/D or D/A converter when to begin each sample.

What is master clock in audio?

The master clock is controlling the rhythm of the CD player by telling the DAC chip exactly when to convert the audio signal from digital to analog. To have the best possible sound, it is vital to have a master clock that has a very stable clock frequency and lowest possible jitter.