What is a migraine?

What is a migraine?

A migraine is a headache that can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head. It’s often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks can last for hours to days, and the pain can be so severe that it interferes with your daily activities.

What is the best treatment for a migraine?

Remember these five steps for emergency Migraine treatment: Cold + Heat + Inhale + Liquids + Lights Off. CHILL. Just chill. Picture this: you’re away for the day in a hot air balloon with your family. Bright sun, a loud engine, the smell of exhaust, a jerking ride in the wind – just the day your kids dreamed of.

What is an example of a migraine aura?

Examples of migraine auras include: Visual phenomena, such as seeing various shapes, bright spots or flashes of light Weakness or numbness in the face or one side of the body A migraine usually lasts from 4 to 72 hours if untreated. How often migraines occur varies from person to person. Migraines might occur rarely or strike several times a month.

What can trigger migraines?

Bright or flashing lights can induce migraines, as can loud sounds. Strong smells — such as perfume, paint thinner, secondhand smoke and others — trigger migraines in some people. Sleep changes. Missing sleep or getting too much sleep can trigger migraines in some people.

What is status migrainosus?

Status migrainosus is basically a migraine (with or without aura) that lasts longer than the standard max of 72 hours. The ICHD-3 recognizes status migrainosus, and points out that overusing migraine medications could be a likely cause. The National Headache Foundation points out other triggers can bring them on too, however, like:

Is there a cure for migraine?

Both migraine and chronic migraine can be treated with the same drugs. These include medications that treat the pain and symptoms (like vomiting or nausea) as well as drugs that treat the underlying cause of migraine. In some cases, there are medical devices you can use to interrupt the headache. Still, no treatment is perfect.

What is the prodrome of a migraine?

This is called the “prodrome,” which is medical lingo for the first phase of a migraine attack. The prodrome can bring on: As if that’s not enough, after the 4-72-hour headache hits, it’s normal to get a “migraine hangover,” or postdrome. The hangover can make you: Here’s some more info about how the common migraine progresses. 2.