What is a musical instrument repair person called?

What is a musical instrument repair person called?

A luthier (/ˈluːtiər/ LOO-ti-ər) is a craftsperson who builds or repairs string instruments that have a neck and a sound box. The word “luthier” is originally French and comes from the French word for lute.

What do instrument repair people do?

Instrument repairers and tuners are experts at assessing an instrument’s problems and recommending a realistic repair based on the instrument’s age, condition, and quality. They may repair all types of instruments, or specialize in one area, such as piano tuning, and often teach customers how to care for instruments.

How do you repair a saxophone?

To become an instrument repair technician, earn an associate of applied science degree in instrument repair from a music school or community college. You may also choose not to pursue formal education and instead apprentice with an experienced instrument repair technician to learn the trade.

How much money does a luthier make?

The salaries of Luthiers in the US range from $19,960 to $61,290 , with a median salary of $38,609 . The middle 50% of Luthiers makes between $35,492 and $38,608, with the top 83% making $61,290.

Do you need formal schooling to become a luthier?

The education needed to be a Luthier is normally a Bachelor’s Degree. Luthiers usually study Music, Business or General Studies. 41% of Luthiers hold a Bachelor’s Degree and 21% hold a Associate Degree.

What does an instrument technician do in the music industry?

As a Musical Instrument Technician, you will design, make and repair musical instruments such as string, woodwind, brass and electronic instruments. You’ll also clean and tune instruments, and give advice on how to look after them. Sometimes you could be involved in reproducing and restoring very old instruments.

What do musicians and singers do?

Musicians and singers typically do the following: Perform music for live audiences and recordings. Audition for positions in orchestras, choruses, bands, and other types of music groups. Practice playing instruments or singing to improve their technique.

What qualifications do you need to be a music producer?

Music Producer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in science of music, or bachelor’s degree in music.
  • Knowledge of industry law and ethics.
  • Firm grasp of sound editing techniques.
  • 3+ years’ experience using digital audio hardware and software.

Where can I get my instrument repaired?

Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major instrument repair, the Repair Shop at Music & Arts can help. Music & Arts offers high quality, affordable repairs on woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, electronic instruments, and more. Music & Arts has one of the largest musical instrument repair networks in the nation.

Why choose the music&arts repair shop?

At the Music & Arts Repair Shop, we guarantee the highest quality service for musical instrument repairs. Our musical instrument repair technicians are seasoned professionals who have apprenticed with master instrument makers and trained at the best technical colleges.

Are there any instrument repair classes in junior college?

There are very few repair classes. It’s not like every junior college has an instrument repair program.” If repair classes or a technical program are not an option for the aspiring technician, he or she should contact music shops or self-employed Repair Specialists to inquire about job shadowing or apprentice possibilities.

What does an instrument repair&restoration specialist do?

Repairs and restores broken or neglected musical instruments. What are you most interested in? Something Else? Something Else? Instrument Repair & Restoration Specialist John says on a normal workday, “theoretically, I’ll go in and work on projects that are already here and field phone calls.