What is a sportsboat?

What is a sportsboat?

A sportsboat is typically a sailing or motor-powered, runabout-type boat designed and intended to be used for leisure and sporting activities. Often referred to as trailer yachts, the boats are stripped of many of the amenities and luxuries that traditional designs are known for.

How do yacht handicaps work?

The handicap number assigned to a class of yachts is based on the yacht’s speed relative to a theoretical yacht with a rating of 0. A yacht’s handicap, or rating, is the number of seconds per mile traveled that the yacht in question should be behind the theoretical yacht.

What is IRC in yacht racing?

IRC is a true rating system, where the yacht’s handicap, expressed as a time correction factor (TCC), is derived solely from the yacht’s measurements and characteristics and is not arbitrarily modified according to the yacht’s perceived performance.

What does Handicap mean in sailing?

In Performance handicapping it is the boat’s performance not their place that adjusts their next race handicap. For example, a boat can win by 1 second, 1 minute or 30 minutes. If their handicap is just adjusted just by the fact that came first, then this is not reflecting their “performance”.

How are yachts rated?

rating rule, in yacht racing, rule used to classify sailing yachts of different designs to enable them to compete on relatively equal terms. Such rules are based on measurement formulas that take into account a yacht’s length, beam, displacement, sail area, and other design factors that affect its potential speed.

What does ORC mean in sailing?

Offshore Racing Congress
The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is an international body for the sport of competitive sailing and is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of rating and classification standards used to define offshore, that is marine as opposed to inland, yacht racing handicap categories.

How is sailing handicap calculated?

The achieved handicap for each boat in a race is calculated as follows: The sum of the Handicaps used by all the boats that took part in the race divided by the sum of the adjustment scales from boats that took part in the race, multiplied by the individual adjustment scales of boats that took part in the race.

How are sailboats rated?

Your rating is the number of seconds per mile your boat is supposedly slower than a theoretical boat which rates 0. Most boats you are likely to sail on rate somewhere in the range of about 50 to 250. All ratings are multiples of 3 seconds/mile (i.e. the next faster rating than 171 is 168).

Which yachts are Category A?

Also known as Explorer or Expedition Yachts, Category A yachts are crewed and designed for open ocean. They have a large hull that can handle waves up to 23 feet high. These yachts can also handle extraordinarily strong winds, up to 47 knots.

What does MCA stand for in boating?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Abbreviation. MCA.

How do I find my ORC rating?

It’s easy to get an ORC Club certificate for your boat. Just fill-out this on-line form. National Rating Offices have several functions, including supervising the measurement and rating of yachts, supporting ORC racing by administering to their national fleets, and issuing ORC certificates.

What are boat polars?

A polar diagram describes how fast a sailing boat may go at different wind speeds (TWS) and in different angles to the wind (TWA). Every type of boat has its polar diagram (or VPP, velocity prediction program), computed from hull shape, weight, rigging and a sail setup.

What is the Australian sports boat Association?

The Australian Sports Boat Association is now the body that represents sportboat sailing in Australia. The Association is fully affiliated with Yachting Australia and aims to regulate and promote the racing of sports boats at regattas throughout Australia.

What is an sportboat Hull?

Sportboat hulls have many elements in common with skiffs such as an almost flat bottom, a fine bow and a flat aft section – in short, a planing hull form .

What are the fastest sportboats?

To date, the fastest sportboats have tended to be the lightest, least ballasted, widest boats, with the Rob Shaw designed 7 and 7.5m designs being the fastest in New Zealand, and the largest 8m Allan Carawadine and Bethwaite designs proving fastest in Australia.

What are sports yachts?

Boats of a similar design but of larger size have come to be known as sports yachts and are generally in the size range of 9m – 12m. Their noncomformity with traditional designs and concepts — and their heterogeneity — has made problematical their placement into racing, outside of one design races.