What is a stoma?

What is a stoma?

– Bladder & Bowel Community What Is A Stoma? A stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste (urine or faeces) to be diverted out of your body. It looks like a small, pinkish, circular piece of flesh that is sewn to your body.

What is the structure of stomata?

The stomata consist of minute pores called stoma surrounded by a pair of guard cells. Stomata, open and close according to the turgidity of guard cells. The cell wall surrounding the pore is tough and flexible.

What is the function of stomatal opening and closure?

Gaseous exchange- Stomatal opening and closure help in the gaseous exchange between the plant and surrounding. It helps in transpiration and removal of excess water in the form of water vapour. Stomatal closure at night prevents water from escaping through pores.

How many stomata are there in wheat?

Total Number of Stomata / mm2 Upper Surface Lower surface Monocotyledon Wheat 50 40 Barley 70 85 Onion 175 175