What is a Swedish Oxer?

What is a Swedish Oxer?

The design of the Swedish oxer is similar to a cross pole in that it helps the horse to pick up his knees as the perceived height of the fence is higher. It also helps to keep the horse straight in the middle of the fence rather than jumping off to one side.

What is gridwork for horses?

Gridwork is a training system using poles and fences set at measured distances, also referred to as Gymnastic Jumping. Fences are set at these calculated distances so that the horse or pony takes a set number of strides and meets each fence at a good take-off point.

How many strides are in a grid?

This grid is bounce, bounce, two stride. We find the best striding for bounces is about 3 human strides, not too big or too small, just an easy, natural stride. For a two stride double, we use 11 human strides. As a general rule of thumb, we then have 1.5 paces for the horse’s take off and landing.

What does gridwork mean?

Noun. gridwork (countable and uncountable, plural gridworks) Work in the form of a grid.

How can I improve my bascule?

To achieve that bascule, your horse must reach his hind legs deep beneath his body as he thrusts off the ground, then he must round his neck and back as he arcs over the jump. For some horses, a good bascule comes naturally. For others, it can be hard because it takes strength and flexibility.

What is a double oxer?

Definition of double oxer : an oxer with a guardrail on each side.

What is gridwork good for?

Benefits of Gridwork

  • It encourages your horse to be more reactive off your aids and make a better shape over fences.
  • It improves his rhythm over fences.
  • It helps you both to improve your balance.
  • Different fences and distances between fences teach him to lengthen and shorten his strides.

How far apart should jumps be?

When measuring the distance between two jumps the convention is to allow 6 feet for the landing of the first jump and 6 feet for the take off of the second one.

How do you bounce jump in space?

Select pole or cavaletti you will not need to select a jump height for that fence….Recommended Distances.

Strides distance (m) distance (feet)
Bounce 3.9 – 4.3m 12’6″ – 14′
1 7.5 – 7.9m 24’6″ – 26′
2 10.8 – 11.2m 35’6″ – 36’6″
3 14.3 – 14.9m 47′ – 49′

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How do grids work?

Always introduce gridwork piece by piece, rather than jumping straight into the line. Start by putting placing poles where there will be jumps, then raise the initial fence. Once you’ve ridden through, put up the second fence and reapproach. Continue until you can ride through the whole grid.

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