What is a synsacrum in chicken?

What is a synsacrum in chicken?

The synsacrum is a skeletal structure of birds and other dinosaurs, in which the sacrum is extended by incorporation of additional fused or partially fused caudal or lumbar vertebrae and it can only be seen in birds.

What is synsacrum and pygostyle?

In bird: Skeleton. …to 23 fused vertebrae, the synsacrum, to which the pelvic girdle is fused. Posterior to the synsacrum is a series of free tail (caudal) vertebrae and finally the pygostyle, which consists of several fused caudal vertebrae and supports the tail feathers.

What is the function of the pygostyle?

Normal Anatomy The pygostyle is an important structure that serves to mount the tail feathers, providing critical control surfaces, especially during takeoff and landing.

What is the function of the synsacrum?

4) Synsacrum = lumbar, sacral, and a few caudal vertebrae are fused into a solid structure, united with pelvis; allows support of the body by the legs.

What does synsacrum mean?

Definition of synsacrum : a solidly fused series of vertebrae in the pelvic region in birds, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs comprising usually the last rib-bearing or thoracic vertebra, the two sacral vertebrae, and a varying number of caudal vertebrae — compare sacrum.

What does pygostyle mean?

Definition of pygostyle 1 : a plate of bone that forms the posterior end of the vertebral column in most birds and is formed by the union of vertebrae.

What’s the pope’s nose on a chicken?

The pygostyle is the main component of the uropygium, a structure colloquially known as the bishop’s nose, parson’s nose, pope’s nose, or sultan’s nose. This is the fleshy protuberance visible at the posterior end of a bird (most commonly a chicken or turkey) that has been dressed for cooking.

What does Pygostyle mean?

Where is synsacrum found?

Normal Anatomy Depending on the species, there may be consolidation of a series of cranial vertebrae, termed the notarium, or fusion of a series of caudal vertebrae, termed the synsacrum, which is a fusiform structure located on the underside of the pelvis.

What does Synsacrum mean?

Do all birds have pygostyle?

It is found in Ornithurae (living birds and their closest relatives), and in almost all flying species is associated with an array of well-developed rectrices used in maneuvering.

Is pygostyle a bone?

noun Ornithology. the bone at the posterior end of the spinal column in birds, formed by the fusion of several caudal vertebrae.