What is a viral man?

What is a viral man?

virile Add to list Share. You’ll often hear the word virile referring to a manly, powerful man, because the word means having physical strength and other typical masculine qualities. When you think of a virile man, you imagine a tough, strong guy who’s full of energy, vigor, and sexual potency.

What is the female equivalent of virile?

Muliebrity has been used in English to suggest the distinguishing character or qualities of a woman or of womankind since the 16th century. (Its masculine counterpart, virility, entered the language at about the same time.)

What does Veral mean?

Veral is a village in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra state in Western India. The 2011 Census of India recorded a total of 3,171 residents in the village. Veral’s geographical area is approximately 503 hectares (1,240 acres).

Can a woman be virile?

Virile means “marked by strength or force”. In this last sense, virility is to men as fertility is to women. Virile has become obsolete in referring to a “nubile” young woman, or “a maid that is Marriageable or ripe for a Husband, or Virill”.

What is the meaning of viral moment?

Definition of ‘go viral’ If a video, image, or story goes viral, it spreads quickly and widely on the internet through social media and email. Their amazing video of the project has now gone viral with millions of views. See full dictionary entry for viral.

Does virility mean manliness?

Virility is a fancy word for “manliness.” You could demonstrate your virility by lifting a minivan, but why be a show-off? Your virility also means that you’ll need a minivan to cart around your many children. The Latin virīlitās, from vir, or “a man,” is the base for the word virility.

What is another word for virus?

ailment, disease, germ, illness, infection, microbe, microorganism, pathogen, sickness, bacillus.

What’s the opposite of virility?

Opposite of a manly character, quality or nature. femininity. effeminacy. muliebrity. weakness.

Has gone viral means?

What does viral mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of viral : of, relating to, or caused by a virus viral infections.

What is the meaning of viral?

1 : of, relating to, or caused by a virus a viral infection. 2 : quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by means of social media a viral video.

What is the meaning of viral advertising?

pertaining to or involving the spreading of information and opinions about a product or service from person to person, especially on the Internet or in emails: a clever viral ad.See also viral marketing.

What does it mean to go viral on social media?

As a marketer, community manager, or social media user, you probably have a pre-existing idea of what “going viral” means. According to Urban Dictionary, something that “goes viral” is an image, video, or link that spreads rapidly through a population by being frequently shared with a number of individuals.

What is ‘viral’ content?

Due to its popularity, ‘viral’ content is often picked up by online news channels and event gets mentioned on TV. This only serves to increase its virality. ‘Viral’ is often used as a strategy in marketing campaigns by brands to promote their products and services.