What is a Weller sp23?

What is a Weller sp23?

The Weller SP23LK Marksman 25-Watt Soldering Iron Kit has everything you need to get started soldering. The SP23LK Soldering Kit makes easy work of soldering speaker wires, fixing remote-control cars, making jewelry, assembling circuit boards, repairing radios, and more.

How hot does a 25W soldering iron get?

25 watt. Soldering irons with 25 watts can reach a temperature, that’s a little higher than the 20 watts, of 380°C-430°C.

Is 25 watt enough for a soldering iron?

25W is appropriate for most PCB soldering. Any higher and you’ll melt the traces off the circuit board if you hold the iron on longer than a second. For really small-scale stuff (like SMT) you’d probably want a 15W iron. Unless you’re soldering something to a large piece of metal 25W is more than sufficient.

Who makes Weller soldering irons?

Apex Tool Group
CTI is a certified IPC training organization with three fully equipped state-of-the-art training centers with plans to open additional centers in 2015. Weller is the premier soldering brand from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world.

How hot does a 15 watt soldering iron get?

Selectable 15W/30W power settings. Tip heats to 464ºF (240ºC) on low power, 700ºF (371ºC) on high power. Ideal for a variety of general household projects.

How long does it take for a 30w soldering iron to heat up?

Typically, a major brand soldering station will heat up in about 30 seconds. Line voltage irons will take somewhat longer, due to being unregulated (they will oscillate around their in-built setpoint) and gas powered soldering irons will heat up in about 15 seconds.

Is a 30w soldering iron good?

A 30 watt ‘simple soldering iron’ is okay for modest electronics. Soldering ordinary through hole electronic components and thin (e.g. mm) wire, even the thin metal legs on DC power plugs and sockets, should be fine. A simple iron relies on thermal equilibrium to maintain its temperature.

Is a 60 watt soldering iron good?

An unregulated 60 watt iron is good for for very high speed work, especially on large connections. Even a 45 watt iron can be too hot for PC board work, but with a little care it makes clean connections quickly.

Is Weller a good soldering brand?

One of the major reasons for going with a brand like Weller while buying soldering irons is that it is a highly reputable brand. In other words, you will get highly reliable soldering irons from this brand. And to ensure this, you can simply check the warranty period included with your Weller soldering irons.

What happened to Ungar soldering iron company?

New Old Stock. Ungar was purchased by Weller, swallowed by Cooper and than Apex Industries. Ungar – 7760 – Soldering equipment. Soldering iron handle, 2 wire.

How hot does a Weller soldering iron get?

Capable of producing temperatures up to 900°F to handle many soldering projects. The station includes a Weller certified ST3 iron-plated copper tip to help keep the temperature consistent while making soldering joints.

Why does my solder not stick?

A classic reason solder won’t stick to something is because you’re not getting it hot enough. My interns come to me with this problem all the time. Make sure the tip of the iron is nice and shiny. Touch some solder on it, and it should melt almost instantly.