What is a word for to shine brightly?

What is a word for to shine brightly?

gleaming, glistening, luminous, radiant, shimmering, brilliant, glorious, splendid, bright, conspicuous, incandescent, lustrous, scintillating, shiny, sparkling, distinguished, beaming, coruscating, glazed, glossy.

What are some synonyms for shining?

synonyms for shining

  • glistening.
  • luminous.
  • radiant.
  • shimmering.
  • effulgent.

Was shining brightly?

Brightly the sun is shining: Since the Adverb ‘brightly’ is not after the verb ‘shining’, hence, this is not the correct option. C) The sun is shining brightly: Since the Adverb ‘brightly’ is after the verb ‘shining’, hence, this is the correct option.

What type of word is brightly?

brightly adverb (LIGHT)

How do you describe something bright?

bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous, lustrous mean shining or glowing with light. bright implies emitting or reflecting a high degree of light.

What is meaning by shone brightly?

v. to glow with light:[no object]The sun shone brightly. to be bright with reflected light; sparkle:[no object]Her golden hair shone in the sunlight.

Why does the sun shine brightly?

What makes the sun so bright is its power source: a process called nuclear fusion, which yields abundant energy. The fusion reaction, along with the sun’s enormous size, means it will continue to shine brightly billions of years into the future.

What is a meaning of brightly?

in a way that is full of light, or shining: a brightly lit room. A fire burned brightly in the grate. More examples. The stars were shining brightly.

How do you say very bright?

  1. ablaze. adjective. literary bright and full of light or colour.
  2. aglow. adjective. bright and warm-looking.
  3. alight. adjective. literary bright or shining.
  4. blazing. adjective. very bright.
  5. blinding. adjective. extremely bright, and making it difficult for you to see.
  6. brightly. adverb. with strong light.
  7. brilliantly. adverb.
  8. gilded. adjective.

Is it shine bright or shine brightly?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, bright is not only an adjective but also an adverb, usually used with the verbs burn and shine. Therefore, both are correct. However, in speech brightly is almost always used over bright.

What is the past tense of shine?

shine. When this verb is intransitive, it means “to give or make light”; the past tense is shone {the stars shone dimly}. When it is transitive, it means “to cause to shine”; the past tense is shined {the caterer shined the silver}.

Is it shining bright or brightly?

What is another word for shining light?

Synonyms for shining light include leading light, luminary, authority, expert, kingpin, leader, star, celebrity, superstar and sage. Find more similar words at

How to spell Shine?


  • shinny
  • schiny
  • shinie. Still not sure?
  • What are synonyms for bright colors?

    bright; buoyant; cheerful; cheering; confident; encouraged; expectant; happy; high; hopeful; hoping; idealistic; keeping the faith; looking on the bright side; looking through rose-colored glasses; merry; on cloud nine; on top of world; positive; promising; ray of sunshine; rose-colored; roseate; rosy; sanguine; sunny; trusting; upbeat; utopian

    What is another word for brightly?

    the synonyms of “bright” are: brilliant, undimmed, hopeful, promising, burnished, lustrous, shining, shiny, vivid, smart, light, blazing, dazzling, beaming, intense, glaring, full, complete, total, clear, plain, undiminished, sunny, cloudless, unclouded, fair, fine, striking, strong, eye-catching, glowing, bold, rich, flamboyant, colourful, …