What is Afang soup made of?

What is Afang soup made of?

Afang soup is very nutritious and cost of preparation can be adaptable based on family needs. The ingredients used to prepare Afang soup include beef, fish, palm oil, crayfish, pepper, Shaki (cow tripe), waterleaf, okazi leaf, onion, periwinkle salt and some other seasonings.

Is afang same as Okazi?

The Nigerian Afang Soup should not be confused with the Okazi Soup native to the people of Imo and Abia States of Nigeria. While Afang soup is prepared with basically vegetables, Okazi Soup is simply the Nigerian Egusi Soup cooked with thinly sliced Okazi leaves.

Why is my Afang soup bitter?

1) If you have spent time wondering why your afang soup turns out bitter, I want you to know it is beyond your control. There are bitter afang leaves, the darker (greener) it is, the more bitter it turns out. Let’s blame it on chlorophyll. So, go for the lighter leaves.

Is Afang soup good for a pregnant woman?

Since Afang is particularly rich in folic acid and vitamin A, it has been significant in providing adequate nourishment for both mother and unborn baby. Feel free to check out this published study to get more information about the health benefits of Afang soup and read a little more about its benefits in pregnancy.

Is Afang soup healthy?

A study found that the Okazi leaf in Afang soup is a rich source of antioxidants like tannins, saponins alkaloids and glycosides. It also contains steroids that are very beneficial to you (1). Also, this medicinal plant contains compounds that are antimicrobial.

What is Afang leaf in English?

Wild Spinach
Afang or Okazi leaf is a dark green leafy vegetable with a slight bitter taste used in cooking Afang Soup and popular in the Southern part of Nigeria. It is called Wild Spinach in English.

What is the English name of afang?

Gnetum africanum has also been referred to as a form of ‘wild spinach’ in English….

Gnetum africanum
Order: Gnetales
Family: Gnetaceae
Genus: Gnetum
Species: G. africanum

What is Okazi in English?

While the Western world refer to okazi leaf as wild spinach or wild vegetable, different African countries have different names for okazi leaf examples; Congo call it fumbua, KoKo; Nigerians call it afang, okazi, ukazi; Cameroonians call it okok, m’fumbua, or fumbua, eru.

Is Okazi leaf same as afang leaf?

It is a slippery vegetable soup loaded with chunks of multifarious meats – smoked and fresh meat, any that you can lay your hands on. The star vegetable in this soup is shredded afang leaves which is known by various names- “eru“or “kok” in Cameroon, “Ukazi” or “Okazi” in Nigeria and different parts of Africa.

What is afang leave in English?

Which soup is best for pregnancy?

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  • Potato and Onion Soup ( Pregnancy Recipe ) calories.
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  • What does OHA leaf give the body?

    It has about 60 species where its tress has many commercial values. Scholarships have shown that Oha leaf is medicinal that retains its greenish leaves throughout the year. It contains many nutrients such as iron calcium, amino acids, iron, potassium, fibre, vitamin A and C, etc.

    How to make the afang or okazi soup?

    Firstly,boil the beef and Kanda with the diced onions and stock cubes in a very small quantity of water.

  • Secondly,once it’s tender,then add the dry fish and cook for about 5 more minutes.
  • After that,add the palm oil,crayfish,and pepper.
  • How to cook AFAM soup?

    1.5 kg of Okazi or Afang leaves ( Gnetum africana )

  • 1 kg of edible Water leaves (Talinum triangulare )
  • 1 cup of palm oil (traditionally a lot more is used but for health reasons reduce fat intake)
  • 2 medium sized dried fish
  • 6-8 tablespoons of Crayfish
  • 2 knorr Cubes
  • 1.5 Kg of assorted Meat ( goat meat,cow leg or cow tail)
  • How to cook African vegetable soup?

    These are found in the African Mango which gives the soup its thick form hence the name draw The same goes for the pepper. Wash and chop your vegetables Chop the onions Make sure the meat has been nicely washed. Proceed to boil the meat to make