What is an attendant and their responsibilities?

What is an attendant and their responsibilities?

An attendant is responsible for ensuring excellent customer service by assisting customers with their needs and inquiries, managing complaints, and providing timely actions.

What do you call a parking lot attendant?

A parking enforcement officer or parking attendant or traffic warden and sometimes parking inspector is a member of a traffic control department or agency who issues tickets for parking violations. Where parking meters are used, they may be known as a meter attendant or a traffic warden.

Which are the responsibilities of an attendant OSHA?

An attendant is the employee who remains outside the confined space and monitors the entrant, guards the space against unauthorized entry, warns the entrants of any unusual conditions and summons rescue personnel if needed.

What skills do you need to be a room attendant?

In addition to specific knowledge on cleaning, general skills that a room attendant should possess include physical strength, good communicate skills, a friendly and honest personality, and excellent time management skills. A room attendant is responsible for keeping hotel rooms adequately stocked with supplies.

How do you describe parking attendant on a resume?

Parking Attendant

  1. Constantly monitored vehicle traffic in parking areas.
  2. Ensure the safety of customers and vehicles by monitoring parking area and communicating with guests.
  3. Operate 2-way radio for communication with teammate and supervisors.
  4. Demonstrate excellent customer service.

What is the meaning of parking attendant?

(ˈpɑːkɪŋ əˈtɛndənt) a person who works for a traffic control agency and who issues tickets for parking violations.

What is the first thing an attendant should do in an emergency situation?

Access the scenario for danger. Decide whether it is safer to evacuate or shelter-in-place. Once safely evacuated or sheltered-in-place, call for help using 911 and clearly explain what you know about the situation. Provide first aid for any injured people.

What is the duty of confined space attendant?

An attendant is a worker who is trained in the hazards of confined spaces and whose primary responsibility is to monitor and assist the workers in the confined space.

How can I be a good room attendant?

To be a good room attendant, you need to have extensive experience in the housekeeping industry. You need to understand the best cleaning and sanitation techniques and be familiar with all cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment. You also need excellent time management skills.

What is the difference between room attendant and housekeeping?

Housekeeper in the hotel industry is the same as a room attendant, but housekeeper in a large household refers to the employee who manages the household. Room attendant duties involve cleaning the guest rooms, replenishing supplies, cleaning bathrooms and public areas, and seeing to the needs of the guests..

What do you call someone who stirs up trouble?

Definitions of instigator. someone who deliberately foments trouble. “she was the instigator of their quarrel” synonyms: firebrand, inciter, instigant, provoker.

What are the function of the valet parking attendant?

A valet attendant is responsible for driving, parking, and retrieving guest vehicles to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience upon their arrival and departure. The valet parking attendant returns vehicles from the parking lot promptly and safely and provides excellent customer service to each guest.

What is the job description of a parking attendant?

Park vehicles in open spots and carry out valet duties

  • Park/deliver vehicles and take tickets from waiting customers
  • Park as much vehicles as possible in a given space by manipulating vehicles
  • Receive fees from customers who park in the garage
  • Lift up signs advertising fees for parking lot
  • Get tow trucks for someone who packed their vehicles illegally
  • What does a parking lot attendant do?

    A parking lot attendant oversees the lot and ensures it operates in an organized fashion. A lot attendant is someone who manages the cars in a parking lot. Attendants can work at different kinds of lots, including at car dealerships and auto rental facilities, paid temporary parking in urban areas, impound lots at police stations, and so forth.

    How much do parking lot attendants make?

    Wages for parking lot attendants – $2,240 per month ($10 per hour = 56 hours per week) Double this amount if open at night as well as in the day. Employer’s portion of employee taxes $336 per month Utilities – $200 per month (lighting) Insurance – $100 per month Supplies – $100 per month (parking lot receipt tickets) Who is the target market?

    What is a parking lot attendant?

    Perform valet duties and park vehicles in open spots.

  • Take tickets from waiting patrons and park or retrieve vehicles.
  • Manipulate vehicles to take advantage of all spaces.
  • Collect fees from patrons wishing to park in garage.
  • Hold up signs advertising parking lot fees.
  • Call tow trucks if person is parked illegally.