What is an ESL alarm?

What is an ESL alarm?

Description. This recall involves thirty-three models of the 400 and 500 series Edwards (ESL)-branded and Interlogix smoke detectors hard-wired into a security system. Edwards and Interlogix smoke detectors are identical. The 2-wire or 4- wire detectors are round,white and measure 6 inches across by 2 inches high.

What is ESL smoke detector?

The ESL 700 Series smoke or smoke with rate-of-rise heat detectors have field-replaceable optical chambers. The detector uses an optical sensing chamber to detect smoke and a fixed-temperature heat sensor to detect heat from fire.

What is a 2-wire smoke detector?

2-wire smoke detectors are hardwired smoke detectors that detect the early signs of smoke or fire using the zone wiring of the home or business fire alarm system. These devices are usually restricted to a hardwired zone and uses a single pair of wires to combine detection and power loops.

Is interlogix out of business?

Interlogix, a provider of commercial and residential security solutions, announced it will close its businesses in the U.S. and Canada after a “thorough portfolio review” of its security business. The statement went on to say that Interlogix products will be manufactured and orders will be fulfilled through 2019.

Why does my smoke detector have 4 wires?

The wires connect to the PGM terminals on your alarm system. 4 Wire Smoke Detectors 2 wires to provide power from the security system auxilliary output connections. They use a second set of 2 wires to connect to a zone input on the security system. 2+2=4 hence the term 4 wire.

What is better photoelectric or ionization?

Ionization smoke alarms tend to respond faster to the smoke produced by flaming fires than photoelectric smoke alarms. Photoelectric smoke alarms tend to respond faster to the smoke produced by smoldering fires than ionization smoke alarms.

How can I tell which smoke detector is beeping?

Press and hold the TEST button on every alarm. Notice the pitch/tone the alarm makes. Tones/Pitch vary from alarm to alarm. Then listen for the low battery chirp.

Who took over Interlogix?

General Electric
In 2002, General Electric purchased Interlogix and subsequently renamed it GE Security.

Is GE Security still in business?

It was then purchased by General Electric in 2002 and renamed GE Security in 2004. United Technologies Corp. (UTC) bought the security business of General Electric for $1.82 billion in 2010 and reverted it back to the Interlogix moniker. Interlogix expects to manufacture and sell products through the end of 2019.