What is an example of a concession?

What is an example of a concession?

The definition of concession is something granted in response to demands, or a special allowance, or is the right to use land or property granted by the owner. When you are negotiating and you give in to something that the other side wants, this is an example of a concession.

What is a concession in English?

1a : the act or an instance of conceding (as by granting something as a right, accepting something as true, or acknowledging defeat) The union will seek further concessions before accepting the contract. b : the admitting of a point claimed in argument. 2 : something conceded or granted: a : acknowledgment, admission.

What is concession language?

Concession is a literary device used in argumentative writing, where one acknowledges a point made by one’s opponent. It allows for different opinions and approaches toward an issue, indicating an understanding of what causes the actual debate or controversy.

How do you use concession in a sentence?

a point conceded or yielded.

  1. The boss made a concession.
  2. There is a call for the concession of certain rights.
  3. She made no concession to his age; she expected him to work as hard as she did.
  4. Joe runs a hamburger concession in the mall.
  5. As a concession to her inexperience they allowed her to have some help.

Is pathos a concession?

Concession is the most powerful logical tactic. When you argue, you can choose tactics from logos, ethos, or pathos (or logic, emotion, and character.) Concessions is one of the most powerful logical tactics because you’re bridging truths to get to your point.

How do you show concessions?

Expressing concession and contrast

  1. Using though and although.
  2. As and though.
  3. Using all the same and at the same time.
  4. Using nonetheless, however and nevertheless.
  5. Using in spite of and despite.

What type of word is concession?

the act of conceding, especially that of defeat. something, such as an argument, that is conceded or admitted to be wrong. Admitting a point to strengthen one’s overall case.

How do you use infallible in a sentence?

Infallible sentence example

  1. You’re not infallible like me.
  2. A dozen good articles do not make an author infallible .
  3. It maintained that the church’s infallible authority was committed to pope and bishops jointly.
  4. Man cannot attain perfect and infallible science of bodies.

Which preposition is used with concession?

Though and Although.

Is ethos a concession?

What is a concession person?

countable noun. If you make a concession to someone, you agree to let them do or have something, especially in order to end an argument or conflict. The King made major concessions to end the confrontation with his people.

How to write a concession?

Developing Your Concession/Rebuttal Paragraph 1. Examine your research print-outs. Find a reason given that opposes your opinion and state it as an opposing reason. Begin with whose opinion it is. a. Concession example: Many school administrators think an open campus would be a temptation for students to cut classes and act irresponsibly.

What is a concession in writing?

Despite the significant costs of school transport,I believe it is the best option.

  • School transport is expensive. However,I am of the opinion that it is the best option for both families and the environment.
  • Transporting children to school by bus is undoubtedly a huge financial cost.
  • What is a concession in a paper?

    Here at PHS we often have students write a paragraph called a Concession. In your concession paragraph you “make concessions”.

  • What is a concession? A concession is actually a persuasive technique.
  • What do you do in the concession?
  • You are writing a position paper about censorship.
  • What does it mean to make a concession?

    “To concede” (make a concession) means “to admit” or “to agree” about some statement. For example, consider that we have a dialogue. I say that something is true. You think about it and you point out one situation in which what I said is not true. That gives me a choice.