What is an example of expedient?

What is an example of expedient?

The definition of expedient is something that is appropriate and convenient, even if it isn’t the best option. An example of an expedient solution to forgetting your homework is to copy someone else’s work. A method or means for achieving a particular result, especially when direct or efficient; a resource.

Does expedient mean fast?

Although expedient and expeditious come from the same Latin root word for “to make ready or to prompt,” they parted ways by the 1600s, when expedient became self-serving. Use expedient for “advantageous” and expeditious for “speedy,” like how fast you plan for an expedition to Antarctica, or across the street.

How do you use expedience in a sentence?

1. the quality of being suited to the end in view 2. taking advantage of opportunities without regard for the consequences for others. 1 As a matter of expedience, we will not be taking on any new staff this year.

What is the meaning of expedient in a sentence?

Definition of Expedient. suitable to the circumstances; appropriate. Examples of Expedient in a sentence. 1. Given the fact the police will be looking for us soon, it is expedient we leave this apartment quickly!

What does expedient mean in law?

Expedient means that a particular course of action is a practical solution to a problem; it also has overtones of side-stepping tough choices. “Expeditious” means speedy.

What is principled behavior?

The IBO defines a principled person as someone who “… acts with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities.

What does not expedient mean?

2 inclined towards methods or means that are advantageous rather than fair or just.

What causes expediency?

Expediency is defined as someone or something that is defined as appropriate for a situation or someone doing something for selfish reasons. An example of expediency is a company that’s losing money laying off employees.

What does political expediency mean?

Politically expedient means something you do to advance yourself politically. Use expedient when you want to hint that a particular solution or strategy has certain benefits and advantages but is not completely fair. However, expedient can also be used as a noun to describe something practical for a particular purpose.

What does expedient mean in the Bible?

There is no Old Testament usage of the word “expedient,” but in the New Testament the Greek word that is translated into expedient is “to bear together” or, more figuratively, “to create an advantage for or to make something better; to be good for or profitable for.” Expedient has the sense of something that is …

What are examples of principled?

Personal Examples Principled – Listening to others without interrupting. Expedient – Postponing or avoiding periodic checkups and preventive activities because you have other more pleasant priorities. Principled – Taking care of your health and your possessions with periodic physicals, lubes and oil changes, etc.

What does expedient mean?

n. 1. Something that is a means to an end, especially when based on self-interest: compromised only as an expedient to boost his career. 2. Something contrived or used to meet an urgent need: exhausted every expedient before filing a lawsuit.

What does expediently mean?

What does expediently mean? 1 : suitable for achieving a particular end in a given circumstance. 2 : characterized by concern with what is opportune especially : governed by self-interest. expedient. noun. ex· pe· di· ent | ik-ˈspē-dē-ənt . What is the meaning of citing reasons? verb.

What does it mean to be expedient?

expedient. ( ɪkˈspiːdɪənt) adj. 1. suitable to the circumstances; appropriate. 2. inclined towards methods or means that are advantageous rather than fair or just. n. something suitable or appropriate, esp something used during an urgent situation.

What does ‘expedience’ mean?

expedience noun. The quality of being fit or suitable to effect some desired end or the purpose intended; propriety or advisability under the particular circumstances of a case. expedience noun. Speed, haste or urgency. expedience noun. Something that is expedient.