What is an example of mantel?

What is an example of mantel?

The outer covering of a wall. The definition of a mantle is a shawl or a cloak. An example of a mantle is a fancy shawl worn over a cocktail dress.

What is a mantle in a house?

A mantel is the shelf above your fireplace. In the house where I grew up, the mantel was brick, but they can be stone or a big wooden beam or something else.

What is mantle on fireplace?

A mantel, also known as a fireplace mantel or mantelpiece, frames the opening of a fireplace and often covers part of the chimney breast. It was originally developed in the medieval period for functional purposes, to serve as a hood that would prevent smoke from entering the room, diverting it back into the chimney.

What does mantle of leadership mean?

If you take on the mantle of something such as a profession or an important job, you take on the responsibilities and duties which must be fulfilled by anyone who has this profession or job. [written] We have the rare opportunity to seize the mantle of national leadership.

Why is a mantle called a mantle?

English mantle and mantel both derive from the Latin word for “cloak,” mantellum, which was adopted into Old English in the form mentel. The word eventually evolved to mantle under the influence of Anglo-French mantel—a derivative of the Latin term that was borrowed into early Middle English.

How do you use the word mantle?

Mantle sentence example

  1. Jackson had started a fire and stood with his hands on the mantle , watching the flames.
  2. The Earth’s core is surrounded by its mantle and its crust.
  3. Taran smiled and pulled off his mantle , handing it to the boy.
  4. Her eyes went to the mantle where the hourglass remained.

What does it mean to dismantle a company?

To dismantle an organization or system means to cause it to stop functioning by gradually reducing its power or purpose.

What does dismantle mean in government?

Dismantle is a verb used for both physical things and ideas. You can dismantle a campground by taking down the tents and breaking apart the fire logs, or you can dismantle a government by going against its leadership and bringing down its rule.

What is the purpose of a mantel?

Why is it called a mantle?