What is an Omron pedometer?

What is an Omron pedometer?

Omron pedometers feature advanced dual axis and tri axis designs that can accurately measure movement no matter how the pedometer is positioned. Advanced Omron pedometer models also feature web based solutions that allow the user to upload data and track results over time. This makes an Omron pedometer a powerful fitness training tool.

What is Omron NE-U17 ultrasonic nebulisation?

Being one of the most recent and advanced developments in Omron ultrasonic nebulisation OMRON NE-U17 offers great advantages in respiratory treatment. This unit is designed for heavy duty clinical use and is even capable to run continuously for up to 72 hours.

Do I need a pedometer to measure my daily steps?

But if you want to get a sense of how much walking you’re doing throughout the day, you may want to use a pedometer. Like most pedometers, the Omron brand pedometer requires you to enter in some basic information before use, so that you’ll get a more accurate reading of the steps you’ve taken.

How do I set the settings on my pedometer?

Clip the pedometer onto your belt or put it in a front pocket to begin counting your steps. Press the “Set” button and hold it down for 2 seconds to change the time, weight and stride length settings.

What are the components of a pedometer?

Your Pedometer comes with the following components: Pedometer Battery (CR2032 installed) Screwdriver Holder Instruction Manual Please read this instruction manual thoroughly before using the unit. Please keep for future reference. Fill-in for future reference

What does the t mean on my pedometer display?

This means your pedometer is in the Battery Saving Mode to help extend the battery life. However, the unit still continues to count your steps. Simply press the MEM, SET or MODE button to activate the display again. What does the T on my display mean? The letter T stands for Transfer Indicator.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Omron?

External Dimensions: Approx. 3’’(w) × 1 1/4’’(h) × 5/16’’(d) (75 mm × 31 mm × 8 mm) Weight: Approx. 0.7 oz (battery included) Contents: Pedometer, Holder, Battery (CR2032 installed), Screwdriver, and Instruction manual • Specifications are subject to change without notice. * New battery life based on OMRON testing. 21 fCC STATEMENT NOTE: