What is an R03?

What is an R03?

The R03 grant mechanism will support small research projects that can be carried out in a short period of time with limited resources. The R03 Parent Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for investigator-initiated R03 applications articulates the policies and procedures that apply to this grant mechanism.

Who is eligible for R03?

R03 Is Small Your project must be tightly focused, able to be completed in two years, and manageable with a maximum of $100,000 in direct costs over the two-year period. If your project doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s not likely to be well received by reviewers.

What is an R Series Grant?

Research Grants (R series) Research Training and Fellowships (T & F series)

What is the NIH salary cap for 2020?

Effective January 5, 2020, the salary limitation for Executive Level II is $197,300. The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) implemented use of the new salary cap on January 10, 2020 for all new, renewal, supplement, or resubmission NIH proposals.

How much is an R03?

R03 (Small Grant Projects) Awards are limited to $50,000 per year for a maximum of 2 years, and not all NIH institutes participate in R03 funding.

Can postdoc apply for R03?

Postdocs at Emory are eligible to apply for the following types of NIH grants: NIH Research Career Development Awards (K series) NIH Small Grant Program (R03)

How much money is an r35 grant?

Providing stable funding of up to $750,000 per year (direct cost funding) for up to eight years; Allowing you to focus on your work rather than spending valuable time continuously applying for funding; Allowing you to conduct long-term, rewarding research that is not tied to specific aims; and.

When NIH deadline falls on a weekend?

If a submission date falls on a weekend, it will be extended to the following Monday; any time the date falls on a Federal holiday, the submission date will be extended to the following business day. The application will be on time if it is submitted on or before the following business day.

How early can you submit an NIH grant?

When NIH or an institute issues a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA), the open date (the first date an application may be submitted) is generally 30 days before the first application due date.

Is NIH funded for 2021?

In May 2021, President Biden submitted to Congress his FY 2022 Budget encompassing all Federal agencies – including a proposed budget of approximately $51.96 billion for the NIH. The request includes $6.50 billion for an Administration initiative to create a new Advanced Research Project Agency for Health (ARPA-H).

What is the NIDCD R03 small grant?

For this particular announcement, note the following: The NIDCD R03 small grant is a mechanism for supporting discrete, well-defined projects that realistically can be completed in three years and that require limited levels of funding.

What do I need to apply for the NIDCD Early Career Research Award?

Applicants need pilot data and a publication record. The NIDCD Early Career Research (ECR) Award (R21) supports pilot studies for newly independent investigators and advanced postdoctoral fellows within seven years of completing their terminal degree (excluding years of clinical training) and as they transition to research independence.

What’s new at NIDCD in FY22?

New in FY22: NIDCD will not reduce the recommended budgets for grant applications with modular budgets. Contact: Christopher Myers NIDCD participates in the Maximizing Opportunities for Scientific and Academic Independent Careers (MOSAIC) program to support diverse postdocs in developing their independent research skills.

What is the NIDCR small grant program for new investigators?

The NIDCR Small Grant Program for New Investigators (R03) is intended to provide support for New Investigators who are in the early stages of establishing independence in the areas of oral, dental and craniofacial research.