What is an uplight in a ceiling fan?

What is an uplight in a ceiling fan?

The uplight in a ceiling fan is meant to be an accent light, so if you need lots of light, make sure you get a ceiling fan with an uplight and a downlight that has either a remote control or a wall control.

What happened to Emerson ceiling fans?

The current Emerson Ceiling Fan line will be re-branded as kathy ireland® HOME by LUMINANCE BRANDS™. While the name will change, we want to reassure our customers that the product and our core values remain the same.

Does Emerson still make fans?

Emerson still makes some of the most cutting-edge and good-looking ceiling fans on the market, equipped with energy-efficient technology that helps y… For more than 120 years, Emerson ceiling fans have been highly coveted products.

Does Emerson make ceiling fans?

Emerson offers a wide array of ceiling fans and accessories to match any decor. Today, Emerson offers new fans, exclusive finishes and unique light fixtures, making the fan and light combination nearly limitless.

Who makes Emerson ceiling fans?

Luminance Brands
“We are excited to add Emerson’s Air Comfort Products group to the Luminance Brands family of companies,” Larocca comments. “Emerson introduced its ceiling fans to the market in 1895 and has remained a technology leader in the space.

Where are Craftmade ceiling fans made?

Craftmade is able to offer distinctive, quality product at competitive pricing by utilizing the resources, efficiencies, buying power and partnerships with over 40 factories located in China, Taiwan and the United States through our parent company, one of the largest private label fan and lighting companies in the …

Who makes Emerson fans?

Who owns Emerson fans?

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Luminance Brands today announced that it has acquired Emerson Air Comfort Products from Emerson (NYSE: EMR). The acquired product lines from Emerson will enable Luminance Brands to expand its product offering in the global ceiling fan market.

Who owns luminance brands?

Capital Partners
Luminance Acquired By Capital Partners Cleveland-based Resilience Capital Partners, a private equity firm that invests in middle-market companies, announced it has acquired Luminance, a manufacturer of lighting solutions for residential and commercial use.

Who owns Craftmade fans?

Litex Industries
Craftmade is a division of Litex Industries.

Are Craftmade fans any good?

Both fans were about the same price. However, IMHO, the Craftmade fan was a superior product. The parts felt more substantial and solid and the fit and finish was better. The other thing is that the glass globe on the humter was quite a bit larger than the Craftmade.

Where are Craftmade fans manufactured?